About Me

Welcome to my little piece of the internet!

My name is Róisín (pronounced Row-Shian) but you can call me Ró (Row). I am a 19-year-old Irish gal who is proud to be a Ravenclaw. I am in 6th year and working through the final part of my secondary education. 

I have a love for beauty, music, books and travel. On a mediocre Sunday, February 2015, I created this little corner of the internet which I am proud to call my own. A lot has changed since then. I wanted this to be temporary as I wanted to start up a YouTube channel but I was always too afraid. I ended up developing a love for blogging and I have been going ever since.

Here are a few of my blogging achievements:


  1. Hi! I recently discovered your blog through Guilianna's and really love it. Keep up the great work! x
    - Sanjana