Saturday, 30 June 2018

Plan With Me: July Bullet Journal

As you can see it's another Bullet Journal related post and I thought I would show you my July Bullet Journal spreads. Since my last post in February, my style and spreads have changed hugely. I'm surprised I am still really enjoying it as I tried it out two years ago and I didn't even last two months at it. I have even bought more supplies for bullet journalling! This month's theme is travel and I am taking my inspiration from Amanda Rach Lee's June bullet journal spreads and of course my Pinterest board. There's a lot going on this month regarding travel, I'm going to Berlin and I have relations home from America, so I know I will definitely be going on a couple of adventures with them.

This cover page is heavily influenced by Amanda Rach Lee's June cover page. I love the simple doodles and have added in my own ones too. I really like how this turned out. I am no artist but googling simple doodles really help to make my spreads look artsy.

As you can see, I have completely scrapped my original calendar format. I found the vertical one very boring and I am more of a maximalist when it comes to my spreads. I also added my habit tracker, my shop my stash and TV/Movies I've watched onto my calendar spread. I find it's easier to have everything in one place. New to this spread is adding a section for Insta posts, blog posts and YouTube videos for the month. This has really turned into a month at a glance.

This is one of my favourite spreads as I love adding doodles of some of my highlights of the month. I normally keep it pretty plain to start with but by the end of the month, it is filled with stuff.

To encourage myself to become more active, I have put an Exercise Log spread into this month. I can write the date, activity and time. I feel this is a simple but effective way of trying to push myself to exercise.

The Brain Dump spread is new to my bullet journal, I decided I would try this spread out this month as I am always making notes on my phone and at least now I'll have a place to put them. I hope to use this page for any random thoughts or ideas.

I have decided to only do one weekly spread this month. I am going to make my weekly spreads the weekend before and suit them to my needs for the week. There's no point in making a well-structured spread and not use it.

I hope you enjoyed my first ever Plan With Me post and I will do more occasionally in the future.

Thanks for being awesome,


  1. I love your bullet journal spreads. I've always just gone with my own spreads that work for me but they never look as good as ones I see online.


    1. Thanks for commenting Ellen! I totally agree, my spreads never turn out as well as the ones online but I feel like I don't spend as much time as they do.