Saturday, 23 June 2018

Gorgeous¦ Rep Tour Dublin

If you are following my socials at all recently you would have been reminded time and time again that I was seeing Taylor Swift in Croke Park on June 15th. I bought the tickets during the presale in December and I was counting down the days since then. This was the second time I saw Ms Swift in concert. the previous time being for her 1989 World Tour. Rep will always remain special to me as it represented the end of the worst 12 months of my life, I wish I was exaggerating.

I was concerned about the position of my tickets, Block 4 Pitch Seating, I felt that they were a little too far out for my liking but once as I arrived in Croke Park I realised that they were brilliant. I was situated to the left of the stage with the B stage a few rows behind me. Even though they were seating tickets, we didn't sit at all. Everyone was dancing and singing and it was such a good atmosphere. Of course, the light up bracelet made a return and they were very effective once as the sun set a little.

Charlie XCX and Camilla Cabello were both great supporting acts singing their most popular singles from the past few years. Charlie XCX started the show with her songs like 'Boom Clap', 'I Love It' and 'Fancy' that brought back memories of being thirteen. She had 3 musicians on stage with her but none of the frills that Camilla or Taylor had. Camilla was by far my favourite of the 2 supporting acts. She, of course, had to sing 'Havanna' and did a cover to 'Can't Help Falling in Love' which was beautiful. I really enjoyed her energy and I would love to see her in concert at another time.

Finally, it was Taylor's time to hit the stage and boy did she put on a show. She started the show with '...Ready For It?', it isn't my favourite song but it was a great starter. She sang all her songs from her current album with older songs making an appearance. I was under the wire for when she was going to the B stage which was awesome. I really enjoyed the idea of the B stage as they were in the middle of the stadium and gave everyone a better view of her. The dancers were phenomenal and the costumes were to die for. Taylor finished off with a mashup of 'This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things' and 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'.

I was so excited to find out what the wild card song was going to be. I was hoping it was going to be one of her older songs and I wasn't disappointed. It was 'Mean' from 'Speak Now' and it was breathtaking. I really resonate with this song and I even sang it for my Junior Cert Music Practical so I felt overjoyed when the first few chords were played.

I think this tour has a different vibe to it than 1989 did. 1989 was happier and bouncer while Reputation had a slightly darker tone to it, you can see that Taylor went through a difficult time between the creation of these two albums. I adored the rawness of this tour and there's a part where she addresses it which I really enjoyed.

The tour is over and I am devasted but as I'm writing this my bracelet is still glowing red and I am looking at all the pictures from the show and I smile. I already have a video up on my YouTube channel of my experience of the show and some of the footage I got. Though I didn't get to meet Taylor this time, I hope in the future I will.

Are you going to the Reputation Stadium Tour?

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  1. Oh Shnap - I was also at that concert on the 15th and in Block 4 except I was closer to the other right stage! What a weird coincidence. Guess half the country was at it XD
    It was a BRILLIANT night wasn't it? When she sang Love Story it brought me back to starting secondary school when I was about 12. So delighted to attend such a mesmerising concert. I bet her previous concerts would have been amazing too but somehow I think it will be hard for anyone to upstage the Rep Tour. I was shell-shocked!

    1. That's hilarious! I feel like Love Story brings everyone back to their younger self.