Saturday, 5 May 2018

May Shop My Stash

Welcome to my first ever Shop My Stash post! I noticed that I usually use the same products over and over leaving some others to the side and forgetting completely about them. I started to Shop My Stash towards the start of the year and every month I pick new products to use. I thought I would share with you want I hope to use more in May.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze
I have had this eyeshadow since 2015, I had to check my old blog posts, so it is pretty old, to say the least. Thankfully nothing has changed regards to texture and smell so I will continue to use it. On and On Bronze is a beautiful copper eyeshadow that lasts nearly all day on my rather hooded eyelids. I think it is the perfect colour for Spring/Summer especially since we are coming into exam season and good weather always comes then.

Kiko Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in 117 Papaya
This is one of my more newer items in my collection, I bought this in Edinburgh last year. I haven't worn it much over the past few months as it is such a bright red. I hope to get plenty of use out of it over the month. I find this lipstick quite interesting as though it is a lipstick, it has the lasting power of a liquid lipstick and doesn't fade at all, unless I'm eating! I love this lipstick as it really adds a lot to a simple makeup look and I really appreciate that when I want to have a simple makeup look that has a little sparkle in it.

Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls in Natural Peach
I've been trying to change out my blush every month and I have been abandoning this one for some time now and I think it is now time to give it a chance. It's not even that it's a bad blush, I just forget about it and also it's those weird pearls too. I have to be very careful not to give myself clown cheeks when using this as it is really pigmented.

Collection Speedy Highlighter in Pearl Sheen
This is the first ever highlighter I ever bought and it has been left to the wayside ever since. I love how quick and simple it is to use and it is such a pretty highlighter for my skin tone. I keep forgetting to use this but when I do remember to use it, I've already put on powder. I think this will be perfect if we get any warm or nice weather in May as it is simple to use and lasts all day.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink in the Afternoon
This lipstick is apart of 'Products I Want To Use Up in 2018' mainly because it is three years old and it is probably the oldest lipstick in my collection. Recently, I started using it as a cream blush and I have fallen in love with it. The only problem with it is the same with the cream highlighter, I keep putting on powder.

Rimmel Soft Khol Kajal Eye Pencil in Black
Does anyone use eye pencils any more? I surely don't and I have this one sitting in my collection not doing a whole pile. I like to add products to my monthly 'Shop My Stash' that I normally don't use or don't have a use for. I normally don't wear khol black eyeliner as I have really small eyes and it normally smudges everywhere. Hopefully, I'll find a new and improved way of using it.

That's all that is in my May Shop My Stash.

Thanks for being awesome,

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