Saturday, 18 November 2017

What's in My Handbag

I love seeing what's in my handbag videos and blog posts and here is my own. My handbag doesn't get to go out very often due to the fact that I am too busy with this whole Leaving Cert yoke which I am already sick of. This is a collab with one of my good blogger friends Guilianna from Guilianna Marie.

My handbag is from Zara and I bought it around April of this year and I love it. It's big enough to put everything you need into it but it is small enough that it doesn't look huge and you can't over fill it. I've used it when I was in Dublin, Cork and Limerick.

The most important thing that's in my handbag is my wallet, I bought this in Stradivarius in Tenerife last Christmas. I love this size as I can put my cash, cones and all my store cards and student card into. The zip has become a tad bit faulty though, so I might try to get that fixed as I love the quirkiness of this wallet.

I always bring earphones with me especially when I am going on a bus or train by myself. I normally don't listen to music out and about as I like to stay cautious as you never know what's going to happen. The ones I'm currently using are JVC Gummy Boost Stereo Earphones, they are the perfect shape for my ears and the sound quality is good in them for less than €10.

I have some pads, painkillers and a pen tucked into the side of my bag for cases of emergency. I am always going to use these items as they come in handy when you are in a tight situation.

In a makeup bag, I usually have lip balm, hand cream, perfume samples, setting spray and whatever lipstick I am wearing on that day.

I keep a small canvas bag for times when you aren't given a paper bag in shops or if your unfaithful bag rips, that has happened on many occasions for me. I also think it is important is to be kinder to the environment and by having a reusable bag it helps me use less disposable bags.

Most of the time there is food of some sort in it as I get hungry easily so that's handy when the hunger monster shows up.

My phone and my iPod are always there including a battery pack just in case they are low on juice. I bought mine in Primark for €9 and it is great. Firstly, I love the coral colour and also it can charge my iPod and my phone twice!

That's all that is within my handbag, I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post and definitely check out Guilianna's post.

Thanks for being awesome,

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