Saturday, 25 November 2017

The Road to the Leaving Cert

The Leaving Cert is coming closer and closer except it's not like Christmas, I just want to be over as quick and as painless as possible. I thought I would update you all with how my life, which revolves around eat, sleep, study repeat, is going and what I've been up to since the start of this school year.

Let's start off with something light, I went to a couple of Open Days in UCC and UL. I met up with Ailbhe from The Red Brunette while I was in Cork, and she brought me on a complete tour of Cork and UCC itself and showed me all the best places to go and where to avoid. The campus is huge but rather beautiful and the city had an atmosphere unlike Dublin. I had never met Ailbhe before this and I had a blast with her for the whole day, there wasn't a quiet moment from the time we met at the train station at 10am until she had to get a bus home around 4pm there was constant talking!

UL on the other-hand wasn't as an amazing experience as the weather was horrible, thanks Storm Brian, and also I didn't have a personal tour guide to show me around. I found the talk on Biological and Chemical Sciences very interesting but apart from that it was a solid meh. I had a look at the clubs on offer which wasn't a whole pile mainly sports which I am not of that variety. Also, the tables there were for all right-handed people which I am not so that was pretty annoying going into a lecture hall and trying to write down things at a slight angle.

I had my first round of exams, the pre-mocks *queue dramatic music* I went into these knowing that I wasn't going to do wonderfully in them due to only being in school for eight weeks but I still studied and tried my best in every subject. Some exams went ok, some went meh and others I wanted to cry, English I'm looking at you. The only upside was that Stranger Things season 2 was out the day I finished my exams. It was the only thing that got me through the week and on Friday evening in my onesie I sat down for a bit of binge watching.

The day after I finished my pre-mocks, I went up to Dublin for a French revision course run by the one and only Essential French. I am delighted that I decided to do this 3 day course, the second 2 days are in the new year, as my French teacher is going on maternity leave and god knows what the sub teacher will be like.

Results from the pre-mocks were standard, I failed 1 subject which was English but I blanked during the test so there was nothing I could really do. I was slightly disappointed with Chemistry but there is time to work.

I'm not going to lie, blogging has become very hard this year for me. I wanted to be able to blog through this year but I don't think I will be able to. I hope to blog until Christmas consistently and then have a new blog post once ever 2 weeks until my life can get on track after these exams. It's so hard to find the time to blog, it's not writing or planning but taking photos and editing them. I will still stay active on Snapchat and Twitter as I love both of those platforms and I don't think I can put everything on pause as I am doing this for nearly 4 years.

So far, I'm surviving!

Thanks for being awesome,

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