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10 More Childhood Shows I Miss

I made a post a few months ago talking about some TV shows that I miss from when I was younger. Since then, I have thought a lot about other shows I used to watch as I child and I thought I would share with you ten more I miss.

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Power Rangers
Having a brother influenced a lot of the shows we'd watch and also having four channels. I loved watching Power Rangers especially SPD, Ninja Storm and Wild Force. My favourite was Ninja Storm as I used to pretend I was always the pink ranger going round my garden pretending to kill random villains. All seasons of Power Rangers are on Netflix and I plan on watching them up until SPD.

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The Crocodile Hunter
The iconic Steve Irwin who brought crocodiles and other unusual creatures into my world. I would always get to watch this on Discovery Kids, which now doesn't exist, in my Granny's house and I enjoyed sitting down and learning about these creatures that I had never seen before. Even though the TV show isn't on Netflix there is a movie that I will definitely watch as soon as I have time to.

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As a toddler I was obsessed with the Rugrats, probably because I thought I was one, and I have video tapes and pictures of me with merch to prove it. A few years ago, I watched the Rugrats movie and fell back in love with all the characters including Angelica. My parents still go on about my brother and mine obsession with this show.

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Kim Possible
Call me, bleep me if you wanna reach me. I always wanted to be Kim Possible but let's be honest I'm more like Wade. Kim the adventurous teen who fights crime, mostly against Dr, Drakken and Shego and continues to have a daily highschoolers life. What more do you need from a TV show? A badass and a sidekick by the name of Ron Stoppable. I used to get up early on a Saturday to watch it and it was always amazing.

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H2O : Just Add Water
Another TV show that is thankfully on Netflix in its entirety. H2O a TV show about ordinary teenagers that turn into mermaids when touching water and also have other cool powers. This show gave off Aquamarine vibes. Nothing was better than pretending to be a mermaid or watch a H2O.

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Sonny with a Chance
Sonny was probably one of the last few Disney shows that I actually liked. It was about Sonny who moves to LA to become an actress and joins the cast of So Random. I loved the rivalry between the casts of So Random and Mackenzie Falls. The only thing that bothered me was the decision to spin off So Random into a show with a live audience which I absolutely hated and thankfully it only lasted 1 season.

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This isn't That's So Raven but it was nearly as good as it. Raven was an adventure game show for kids known as warriors who did tasks over 5 days and every day the warrior with the least lives would be eliminated. I loved the set as it was mystical and different to any other show.

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Lizzy McGuire
This is the first show I remember getting into and loving, I even remember begging my mom to bring me to see it in the cinema and I did and it was amazing. It was a show about an ordinary girl and her ordinary world and I think that's why I liked it so much.
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Quiz Zone
Now onto some Irish TV that gave me life and somehow aren't being made any more. Quiz Zone was a game show where one team member would have to go through an obstacle course while the others are in a room looking for an answer to a question. Only at certain times do the team members get to make contact with each other. It was the most entertaining show ever as some kids took it so seriously while others were so chill about it. I always wanted to do it but when I was in the correct age bracket they stopped making it.

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Foreign Exchange
This show was about a magic portal between Galway, Ireland and Perth, Australia and the two unlikely teens that come across it. The Ireland portion of the show was filmed near my grandparents house and from the road you can still see the building that they used for boarding school. It was on Pop Girl until that got shut down but its still floating around the Internet. I hope to rewatch it soon as I started watching it 2 years ago and never finished it.

What TV shows do you miss?

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