Saturday, 19 August 2017

A Face Full Of First Impressions

I've bought a lot of new makeup recently between being on holidays in Edinburgh and doing a little bit too much retail therapy at home. I've collected quite a few new things and I thought I would make a look out of some new things I got. Of course, I will be using some makeup I have had for a while. The full list of products will be at the bottom of this post.

Catrice Glam and Doll Curl and Volume Mascara

I was in need of a new mascara before I went on holidays and I heard Laura from Lauras Views raving about this mascara and for under €5 I decided to try it. I have naturally very droopy lashes and using this mascara and Laura's Lash Trick keeps my lashes curled all day. The wand is different to what I am used to as it is a bristly. The only thing I dislike about it is it smudges underneath my lashes within 5 hours which is frustrating bringing q-tips around.

Kiko Glow Fusion Powder Highlighter in 01

I went a little mad in Kiko when I was in Scotland but it was worth it. This highlighter is nice on pale skin and isn't glittery or patchy. Can I just say how pretty the packaging it, it feels like it cost more than £10. The swatch is very hard to see as it is so pale, like myself, but it is right above the writing.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

I see why everyone and their dog raves about this beauty blender as I have fallen in love with it. I use this to blend in my concealer and it works amazingly giving a perfect airbrush finish. The only disadvantage is it soaks up some product and it has to be replaced every 6-12 months but for the way it applies foundation and concealer it is worth it.

Essence Make Me Brow in Browny Brows

After hearing that my beloved Essence Make Me Brow in Soft Browny Brows is being discontinued I decided to pick up two more and I decided to try the darker one to see if it is a good replacement. It has the exact same formula which is great but it is very dark. It is fine if I want to create a darker brow but I won't use it every day for a 'no makeup' makeup look.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Lights and Contour Pro Palette

I bought this in the Edinburgh Airport after I wanted to up my contour game and realised I had no contour shade that suited my pale complexion. I have used so far both highlighters, the white powder and the two lightest bronzers. The lightest one is perfect for contouring and doesn't look muddy on my face. The packaging is the hard cheap plastic but the products are good so far.

Kiko Lip Combo

I never had a matching lipstick and lip liner duo, so I got Kiko Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in 117 and Kiko Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner in 306. Kiko has such beautiful packaging, I feel so cool clicking the top button to get the lipstick out. This is a bright orangey red and I love it as I am trying to get into more reds. It is a lipstick but lasts quite a while and only a little budges when I eat which I was surprised about as it is a lipstick. The lip liner helps a lot with the longevity of the lip colour but it dries out my lips a little, I'll need to put on some lip balm on beforehand.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

I bought this in the Duty Free in Dublin Airport as it was cheaper than getting the NYX one. I've noticed it has helped my eye makeup last a little longer but apart from that there are no huge improvements. It smells good and the spray dispenser actually does a good job. I don't plan on using this every day as it is expensive to repurchase it (unless I get it in the airport again).

Real Techniques Setting Brush

I bought this on a slight whim and it has worked out as I needed a highlighter brush, my fan brush just wasn't doing the trick any more. It applies the highlighter lightly and takes a few goes to get it up to the intensity that I want. I love how soft it and and how easy it is to clean. I love all the Real Techniques brushes I own and I think this one will be no different.

What's on my face

Makeup Revolution Aqua Priming Base
Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation in 010 Light Porcelain
Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer in Porcellain
Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder in Transparent
Makeup Revolution Iconic Lights and Contour Pro Palette
first bronzer - Bronzer
third bronzer - Contour
Kiko Glow Fusion Powder Highlighter in 01
Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls in Natural Peach
Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
Haute Chocolate - Outer third
White Chocolate - Inner third
Marzipan - Center of eye
Makeup Revolution Iconic Lights and Contour Pro Palette
third bronzer - Crease
fourth highlighter - Brow bone highlight
Catrice Glam and Doll Curl and Volume Mascara
Essence Make Me Brow in Browny Brows
NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade in Brunette

Kiko Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in 117
Kiko Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner in 306

And so starts my spending ban as I've bought far too much makeup the past few weeks. I have challenged myself to spend less than €20 for the month of August.

Thanks for being awesome,


  1. I love that MUR palette, it's a brilliant dupe for the NYX palette which is double the price!

    Emily xo

    1. Thanks for commenting Emily! I agree it is very similar to the NYX palette but I love the pigment of the MUR one.

  2. This was such a lovely post, the RT miracle complexion sponge is incredible, its definitely a favourite from me!
    Grace xx

    1. Thanks for commenting Grace! I can't believe I have never tried it out before, it has changed everything for me.

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