Saturday, 22 July 2017

Empties #8

I have a lot of empties that I collected since the last one and I thought I would share with you some of my beauty trash.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo 
This is a cult favourite among the majority of the internet and I love it too. Of course, it is not as good as Lush's Grease Lightning as that just gets rid of all my spots when they are at their worst. I was without Grease Lightning for a while and Effaclar Duo did a good job. Now I use it to help calm down redness near spots and to get rid of the last bumpy bits of breakouts. I already have another one on the go and I love using it daily.

Natural Collection Lash Care Mascara in Clear
I didn't use this as a mascara and more as a cheap brow gel as at the time my funds were going a tad bit low. It was grand as a brow gel but it wasn't outstanding. It kept my brows in place but I had to fully brush through the product into my brows or it would be crispy and that's not good! I wouldn't repurchase this again as I found a much better brow gel that works wonders, Essence Make Me Brow.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream
This was the first makeup product I ever got and my Mam bought it for me when I was 13. It is a nice BB cream but it is 2/3 shades darker than my natural Caspar the friendly ghost skin. It gave a nice natural coverage and had a nice SPF in it which is perfect for when Ireland actually gets some nice weather. I wouldn't buy this again as it wasn't the right shade for my skin and Maybelline is not cruelty free.

Ultra Pure Witch Hazel Soothing Lotion
I used this as a toner and I enjoyed how refreshing it was and it helped to keep face demons at bay. I noticed after using it for a week or two that it dried out my face and made it feel dehydrated and tight so I decided to dilute it down with water, half and half. This helped hugely and stopped my skin from feeling tight. I would repurchase this again but not for a while as there are other toners I want to try out.

Botanics Hydrating All Bright Night Cream
Firstly, this smells amazing! I would buy this scent as a perfume if it was available. This is a nice moisturiser, I used it at night as it said on the tub and it was too heavy to wear during the day under makeup. This cream wasn't a deep moisturiser and I have normal/dry skin so it didn't help any of my dry and flaky areas of my face. I talked about how much I loved this in a previous empties but my skin has changed a lot since then. I wouldn't repurchase this again.

Spoilt Rotten Vanilla Body Butter
I received this in a Christmas set 4 years ago and I think it may have gone a little bad since getting it and using it. This was a very thick body butter and would take 10-20 minutes to soak in to my skin and left me feeling a little sticky which doesn't bother me too much. This body butter left my skin feeling soft and it had a nice vanilla fragrance that lingered for a couple of hours but wasn't overpowering. I wouldn't repurchase this again as it was so thick and took a long time to soak into my skin.

Boots Simply Sensitive Protecting Day Moisturiser
I like this product so much that I have another one on the go already. This has a light texture which is great for a day moisturiser and sinks in quickly, it also has an SPF of 15 which is very important to wear every day. For anyone that doesn't like a moisturiser that smells like sun cream, I'm afraid you may not like this one as it contains that chemical smell. I don't mind it too much though.

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Coconut Dry Shampoo
I already told you about this awful dry shampoo in recent post. This did not work for my hair at all. It got rid of some grease from my hair but left this greasy shine which was nearly worse. I had to use a lot of product to get my hair to look semi normal. I will not be repurchasing this product ever.

Impulse True Love Body Spray
You wouldn't think an eighteen year old would still have this? Well I do and I am glad I have gone onto bigger and better things than this scent. It isn't that bad but whenever I sprayed it, it would bring me back to a family holiday to France when I was 13. The scent never really lasted that long and I felt that I had to constantly reapply it and so for those reasons I wouldn't repurchase it.

Radox Feel Pampered With Shea Butter and Ginger Shower Cream
I normally don't show shower gels as I normally use the one that's in my shower but I got this last year as a hamper from a place I was doing work experience in. This smelt amazing but the scent never lasted for long and it wasn't that moisturising which it claimed it did. I enjoyed using it for its smell though but I wouldn't repurchase it again.

What's in you beauty trash?

Thanks for being awesome,

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