Saturday, 10 June 2017

New Years Goals Update

I did a post back in January telling you about some of my New Years Goals and I think it's time to do a much-needed update.

Do My Driving Test

Since January, I have finished my 12 mandatory lessons and I have booked my test, I haven't got a date yet but the earliest it will be is in July. I am doing additional lessons at the moment to prepare me for the test. There's still a lot of things I need to work at and iron out.

Upload 1 Video A Month On YouTube

I have been very consistent with uploading it may not be on the exact same day every month but I have uploaded 7 videos, 5 covers, 1 original song and 1 recap video when I was on my Gaisce trip in May. I am kinda getting a little bored of putting up covers, so I want to branch out a little. I am happy with my progress and I hope to upload more during the Summer.

Save €10 A Month

I have decided to get rid of this goal solely because I have a job now and 1/4 of my wages are going into savings which is more than €10 a month.

Do 5 Collabs

So far, I have done 2 collabs one with Ailbhe and a link up with Guilianna. I don't have any other plans for collabs yet but normally they happen pretty quickly anyways.

Learn How To Use My Camera Properly

You have permission to shame me but I still have no idea how my camera works. I know how to take a picture, zoom, view photos, record and put a timer on. All things you learn in the first 5 minutes of holding a camera. I hope to learn more about different functions during the Summer.

Read 12 Books

I am a good bit ahead of schedule, I am on my 8th book this year and I hope to read 7 books during the Summer so that's a total of 13. I have a huge pile of books that I look forward to get through. I have to finish Harry Potter and Throne of Glass series.

Use Instagram More Often

I have been very good at posting consistently since January. I normally post twice a week and I hope to keep that going throughout the Summer. I have really gotten into Instagram but I never had the time to have a good explore through it so I hope with me having some free time, I'll be able to.

Survive School

So far, so good I guess! This year was the absolute worst school year, I never had any time for myself and I am glad it is over. I was sick the week of my Summer exams, I ended up doing three at school and had to take home four. I don't think my results will be to great as I wasn't in exam mode and as I was sick I couldn't do any study.

Go to 2 College Open Days

I didn't go to any open days yet but I will definitely go in the second half of this year. I am still unsure about what I want to do. I would love to do Pharmacy but it's a lot of points, the course is supposed to be hard and I don't know will I be able for it. I also don't like the idea of going into something so specific as what happens if I don't like it? There's still so much I am so unsure about.

How are your goals going?


  1. I really wish I could do blog posts like these-- I just always forget to go back and look at my new years resolutions. Congrats on achieving so much! We'll have to do a back to school link up or something! x

    1. Thanks for commenting Guilianna! I always have this posts written in or I would forget them too.