Saturday, 24 June 2017

Giving A Helping Hand

Something I haven't really talked about before on my blog is volunteering. This year, I did a lot more volunteering than I have had any other year and I have enjoyed it. I thought I'd share with you what I did and what I thought of it.

I might as well start off with all the things I did in school as I did quite a few. In September, I joined the Youth SVP (Saint Vincent de Paul) in my school. We had a huge committee, unfortunately I didn't get any of the jobs like chairperson, PRO, treasurer or secretary etc, but it didn't bother me a whole pile. We met biweekly discussing fundraising ideas and how to make the school a better place for everyone. I enjoyed the experience of trying to be creative and thinking up of things to do. We did a lot of fundraising with a food and clothes collection, a Christmas Jumper Day where everyone had to donate €2 and we organised a St. Patrick's Day Dance for the elderly. There was a showcase in May where I had to write a song about a summary of the year and I suppose that was my time to shine. I loved preforming it except that I forgot one of the lines and just kept smiling.

I also was a part of the Library Team in my school, the library was closed as long as I could remember being in the school, whenever you would look in through the window all you could see was a mess. I started helping out in January when I found out one of my friends, Katie, had been helping all year. We did a book donation drive to get in new books as there was a lot of Goosebumps and Enid Blyton books that had been in this library way before some of us where born. Trying to put the books in alphabetical order was probably the hardest and it ended up we only got the senior section done as it took so much time. I enjoyed coming in during lunch every day and chilling with people of like minds when it comes to books and reading. Hopefully, I will help out next year trying to encourage others to come to the library.

The last thing and by far my favourite was helping out with two Speech and Drama classes. This actually came accidentally as I did my Certificate of Speech and Drama in TY and I wanted to do the Associates Degree but my lovely teacher persuaded me against it as it is a whole pile of work with a written and practical exam in Griffith College Dublin and I'm glad she did as I wouldn't have been able to do it. I helped out with 2 classes on a Monday from 4:20-6:00. I enjoyed working with these kids so much and I miss their little smiley faces when I would come through the door after walking down from my bus stop. It brightened up my Mondays and helped me get through my classes. I also got to see these kids develop. There was one girl who wouldn't talk at all for the first two months, I hadn't heard her ever speak but during the year she changed so much, now she is confident enough to talk and even talked to me sometimes.

My Speech and Drama told my Mam a couple of years ago that I would make the perfect Speech and Drama teacher and I never understood why she said that until now as I experienced what it would be like and I love it.

I think the volunteering that I did this year has helped me get through one of the worst school years I have ever had. It's kept me focused while distracting me for a while. I enjoyed all the groups I was a part of and I am going to miss all of them next year.

Have you done any volunteering before?

Thanks for being awesome,


  1. Sorry to hear that this year hasn't been great at school, but good on you for taking up so much volunteering! I loved where you were talking about helping in the library and sorting out all the books. Sounds tedious but I bet you came across a couple of forgotten gems!

    Becca x

    1. Thank you for commenting Rebecca! I think it helped me get through the school year easier and I really enjoyed finding new and old wonderful books.