Wednesday, 31 May 2017

This Summer TV and Movies List

Welcome to the second installment of this little mini series and today I am going to be sharing with you what shows and movies I want to watch during the Summer. This year is the first time I have ever had Netflix, my Dad has refused to pay for it but now I can afford to get it myself. If you have any suggestions of good shows, movies or documentaries on Netflix please tell me as I love taking suggestions. I don't want to spend my whole Summer watching stuff so I can't include everything that I want to watch.

American Horror Story Hotel

I have watched season 1-4 of AHS two years ago and I fell in love but I haven't gone near the show since as I wanted to be able to binge watch a season or two. I have heard a lot about Hotel but I look forward to falling back into the crazy world of AHS.

Orange Is The New Black

I watched part of the first season last year and I really enjoyed it but this time I hope to watch all of it. I've heard such good things about seasons 1,2 and 4. Also, season 5 is coming out pretty soon so I'll have 5 seasons to watch.

Making a Murderer

This was all the rage last year but with me Netflixless I couldn't do much. I love an auld murder mystery and that's exactly what this is.

Once Upon A Time

My brother raves about this show and is totally obsessed and keeps telling me to get into it. All I know is that it is about all the different fairy tale/ Disney characters that all live in the same universe. It sounds interesting.

RuPauls Drag Race

I have watched this show on a few occasions and I love it. I am normally not someone who will sit down to watch a reality TV show except this one. It is haven't heard of it, it's a drag queen competition where the drag queens have to do different challenges to try to not get eliminated.

Sherlock Season 3

I watched and really enjoyed Sherlock season 1 and 2 and I can't wait to get my teeth into season 3. I love how different Sherlock is to different TV shows, I feel like the creators did this on purpose as Sherlock is a very unusual character as the episodes are an hour and a half long.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

I loved Guardians of the Galaxy and when I heard that there was a sequel I was so happy. I haven't gotten to see it yet, it didn't suit me to go see it in cinema when it came out but I hope it will be released on DVD or something during the Summer so I can see Baby Groot once again.

Despicable Me 3

I know I am one of the biggest children ever but I just want to see it. The original came out when I was 11 and I really enjoyed the movie. I didn't really bother watching the spin off Minions because I had gone out of the yellow stage when it came out. The trailer looks really good so I have high hopes for this film and I hope it stays like that.

This list is going to keep me busy!

What's on your TV and movie list at the moment?

Thanks for being awesome,

Monday, 29 May 2017

This Summer Bucket List

I know it's weird to see me on a Monday but I had a brain wave at the start of the month to do this and here I am. I want to make a bucket list this Summer and all the things I want to do, normally I do one but I never share it but I thought I would share it with you. There will be two other posts this week one will be all the books I want to read and the other one is about all the shows and movies I want to watch.

Save €300 For Car

I have over €700 saved for my car and during the Summer I hope to get up to €1000 this Summer. That may sound a lot but since I have a job it might make it easier. To break that down I hope to save €25 a week which doesn't seem as daunting. I know I won't get the car this year but I hope I can get it in the next year or two.


My scrapbook is in good need of an update as I haven't updated it since last Summer and I have loads of things stuck in the back that I need to put into it. I really enjoy scrapbooking but I find it hard to find the time and I always forget to print off photos.

Camp NaNoWriMo

I hope to do Camp NaNoWriMo this year again. If you haven't heard of Camp NaNoWriMo, it is a challenge you do in July to write a story and it can be as long as you like, last year mine was around 10,000 words. I hope to do it again as I know I won't be able to do it in November with school and all. I really enjoyed it last year and I hope my story will be better this time around.


I hope to upload at least twice a month during the holidays and maybe get a head start on organising videos from September to December as I won't have as much time come September, yay Leaving Cert!

Twitter Chats

I want to start getting back into doing weekly Twitter chats, I found during this school year, I didn't have time and if I did I wasn't in the mood to do one or there wasn't one on. I hope to do one at least once a week as I love finding new bloggers and chatting to the ones I already know.


By the end of the Summer, I want to all my blog posts and YouTube videos planned until Christmas and up to October started. I'm afraid that come September I mightn't be able to blog regularly which is horrible to think about as I have been blogging for over two years. I also want to plan what I am going to do regarding my corner of the Internet when it comes to exam season.

Play More Music

This year my guitar has been left at the sidelines of my life which is unusual as I have been playing it for 3 years and I used to practice every day. I want to get back into this habit as I found it stress relieving and it's nice to get really into a song.

What do you want to do this Summer?

Thanks for being awesome,

Saturday, 27 May 2017

10 Things I Can't Live Without

I feel like there are some times people can't live without excluding food, water and shelter. It's one of those topics that you have to think about a lot and see if it was gone would you truly miss it. I found it difficult to make this list but stuck with it and kept thinking. What I love about these sorts of posts is that everyone is different and the things I have in mine, you mightn't have in yours.

My Dog

I have spoken about my dog a few times here but nothing huge. My dog's name is Buster and she is a golden retriever. I have had her since I was 4 years old so I don't really remember much of the world without her. She is my best friend and I know that she doesn't have as many days left on this planet as she used to. She is such a gentle and friendly dog and I love her to absolute pieces.

My Guitar

The guitar I have right now isn't my first one but it still means a lot to me. I got it for Christmas two years ago and I named in Spark, I like naming my guitars my other one was called Squirtle. I don't have much time to play it like I used to. I remember in third year every day after I finished my homework I would have a twenty minute jamming session but now I normally play on the weekends. I also write a lot of music which is quite therapeutic.


I don't know where I would be without music, a lot of bus trips would be very boring without it. I have loved music since I was really young, both playing it and listening to it, I find it relaxing and can really take me out of a bad mood. 


Books, little worlds printed on pages, I love escaping into a different world of Harry Potter, Celaena Sardothien or the many other characters that are within books. I enjoy reading after a long day and I find it so relaxing and wonderful.


I have many notebooks, some have ideas for blog posts, short stories, school related stuff and to do lists. I love being able to write words onto these blank pages and make something interesting even if it is just a to do list. There is nothing nicer than find a really cute notebook in a shop and buying it for the sole purpose of writing in it and using it as a prop for blog and Instagram pictures.

My iPod

This is my mini assistant, I do the majority of my social media on it and anything else. I even used to use it to take blog pictures. Without it I would have to spend a lot more time sitting at my laptop while with my iPod I can take it on the go. I watch YouTube on it too which helps to relax me after a long day.

My Skincare Routine

Without my skincare products, my skin wouldn't be the way it is now. I never had really bad acne but the occasional breakout comes and goes. I enjoy taking care of my skin and treating it to hydrating moisturisers and face masks.


I really enjoy using makeup, I love the creativity that's involved and how it can enhance the features you already love about yourself. Without makeup, I don't think I would be as creative or have burned a big hole in my pocket from buying new things. I love experimenting with looks especially eyeshadow as I have only gotten into using it in the past year or so. I don't think I would be as confident if I didn't have makeup as a simple bit of concealer can change everything.


I love travelling, I have been to a few countries but I hope to go to a lot more in the future. It would be horrible to imagine what life would be like if we weren't allowed to go to different countries, people with the travelling bug like me would have a pretty hard time. My travel bucket list keeps expanding, my most recent edition is Chernobyl. It may sound like an unusual place to go but it has been opened to tourists since 2011 to go on a tour inside the exclusion zone and this is something I am very interested in but I know some people think I am crazy.


Without an education, I wouldn't be able to read or write or even sit here and construct this blog post, I wouldn't know about radioactivity or be able to learn another language. Sometimes, I take my education for granted which is such a first world problem when over 50 million children can't attend school for some reason or another. I wouldn't be able to learn about over countries and want to visit them one day.

Is there anything you can't live without?

Thanks for being awesome,

Saturday, 20 May 2017

REVIEW PS Pro Longwear Foundation

I know I am very late to the bandwagon of Primark's PS Pro range but after I saw Chasing Ruby Chat do a first impressions on it I knew I had to try it out, click HERE to watch the video. If you know me or have ever seen a picture of me you may know that I am very pale and to find a foundation that won't make me look orange is harder than trying to defy gravity. It is so hard for me to find a foundation I was thinking of getting an Urban Decay one but thankfully there are a few foundations that are cheaper than that price point.

I bought mine in Primark in Newbridge as that's the best one nearest to me and that shade is 00 Porcelain. It claims to be a longwear mineralized foundation that contains SPF 15 and vitamin A & E, which are anti-ageing properties, and only cost €6. I love the packaging as it is minimalistic and feels expensive. It also has a pump which is necessary in a foundation and I hate when there isn't one.

I primed my face using Makeup Revolution Aqua Priming Base, I wanted to give this foundation a very fair test. I used a Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush to put the product all over my skin and a Real Techniques Buffing Brush to buff it into the skin. I noticed straight away that this is a full coverage foundation as it took a while to blend in and I needed to use very little concealer on my under eyes or around any redness on my skin. I used around a pump and a half which is usual for me. I applied powder over the foundation and did the rest of my makeup.

I loved how lightweight it felt on my face, it didn't feel like it was dragging my face down. Also, I loved the coverage, it was amazing and it evened out my skin tone and covered the majority of my redness. The only downside was that it caked a little after a couple hours of wear.

After 10 hours wear
After 10 hours, I noticed that it became a little shiny especially on my forehead and had slightly worn away on my cheeks as you can see the redness. I noticed it started to cake around my nose and chin, there could be a few reasons for this I didn't touch up my makeup during the day, I remember touching my face a lot or maybe the foundation just does that. It didn't oxidise on my face which is always a good thing as I don't want to get more orange throughout the day!

Overall, I really enjoyed using this foundation, it did a really good job and was an excellent affordable price. From the research I have done the PS Pro range is cruelty free which is amazing as I had a hard time trying to find a pale enough foundation for myself that was also cruelty free.

Have you tried any of the Primark's PS Pro range? What did you think of it?

Thanks for being awesome,

Saturday, 13 May 2017

People I Would Love To Meet

A few weeks ago, I shared part of my long Travel Bucket List and today I am going to share with you some of the people I would love to meet. Of course, this is post could go on for days so I had to shorten it to 7 but in the future I might do a part two to this.

Image result for emma blackery

Emma Blackery

Emma Blackery is a talented YouTuber and singer-songwriter She is so inspirational and just speaks the truth about life and all that goes on. I enjoy watching her videos especially when I am having a bad day as she is funny and completely down to earth. She has a show in Dublin at the end of the month but I can't go and I am devastated.

Your Photo

Ailbhe Woods

Ailbhe is one of my blogging friends that also from Ireland. I don't remember exactly when I found her blog in late 2015 but it was a good while before I ever began talking to her via Twitter and Snapchat. She is such a wonderful person and I don't know how she keeps on top of everything between blogging, college and everything else. I am envious of her Snapchat, go follow her @ailbhe_woods, she does amazing GRWMs and has such interesting adventures. 

The DeFranco Family

I started watching The Philip DeFranco Show last Summer and I found out that his wife Lindsey does vlogs. I am normally not the person who watches vlogs but these are so cute. Their son Trey who is three is the cutest little fellow ever and Lindsey is pregnant with baby number two. I love how real they are with what's going on in their lives, if they don't want to vlog they don't and I respect that. If they ever come to Ireland for a show I will definitely be going.


Guilianna McGinniss

Another one of my blogging pals, Guilianna is my first friend I ever made from blogging, I remember this as she was one of the first people to comment on my blog. Over the past two years, she has been amazing as a friend and as a fellow blogger. Her blog is awesome and makes Mondays a little less crappy for me as I know that when I go home I can read her most recent post. We have done 3 collabs together already. I would love to meet her but unfortunately we live a 7-hour flight away from each other but I hope in a few years time we might get to meet up.

J.K. Rowling

Another wonderful lady, I adore J.K. Rowling's story of how she came up with the idea of Harry Potter when she was struggling both financially and mentally and she built this empire from the ground up. I love that she kept going to book publishers and didn't stop as she believed her creation was worth it. I have been in the same room as J.K. Rowling before, my school choir sang for her at Christmas time in 2015. I didn't realise it was her but I hope if I was to meet her again that I could say hello.

Image result for ellen degeneres

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres never fails to make me smile. She is a wonderfully positive and witty woman and I love how she came out as gay when it was dangerous to do so. She is an inspiration to everyone but especially the LGBT+ community. I don't know what I would do if I ever met her, to be honest I found probably cry.

Image result for jennifer rock the skin nerd

Jennifer Rock AKA The Skin Nerd

This wonderful hooman has taken Ireland by storm since the start of the year. I did a review of her product the Cleanse Off Mitt a while ago and it is a great for removing makeup. Her Snapchat is interesting and informative about everything skincare. I have learned so much from her story about the importance of feeding your skin from within.

Who would you like to meet? Please let me know

Thanks for being awesome,

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Empties #7

It's been little while since I have done one of these, click HERE to see the last one, and I love sharing my beauty trash with you.

Nivea Lip Butter Original

This lip butter is amazing and I am so annoyed that Nivea is not a cruelty-free brand as I would buy several of these right now. I get chapped lips quite often, I used this as an overnight treatment and I would wake up with luscious lips which is great when you want to wear a liquid lipstick. I have been using the same tin for over a year so it lasted very well. I have another one on the go now it but it is a different flavour/scent.

Nivea Daily Essentials 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner

I really enjoyed this product especially when I was tired at night and I didn't want to go through my whole makeup routine. Random enough the scent reminds me of my Barcelona trip last year, good times. I really enjoyed using this cleanser, it didn't dry my skin out or left my skin feeling tight which is always a good thing. It was simple to use to as you just squirted it out of the bottle and applied to the face.

Botanics All Bright Purifying Face Scrub

I have used up a good few tubes of this, maybe this was my third. I love using this, it feels so gentle on the skin but removes all the dead skin cells in the process. Another thing I love about it is that it doesn't contain plastic microbeads so that's not damaging the environment. I have already repurchased another but I am trying to use up another face scrub in the mean time.

Garnier Fresh Clarifying Face Wash

I've had this for about three years now and I have finally decided that it's time to get rid of it. I bought this originally thinking I had oily skin, which I don't have and never had, and after a month or two of use I find that my skin becomes dry and flaky. I have used half of it up and I'm not going to try to use the rest of it up as my skin doesn't like it and it is definitely out of date. If I had oily skin, I think I would have liked this product better as it strips the skin of the oils but doesn't make your skin feel tight. I will not be repurchasing this for obvious reasons.

Oriflame Feet Up Foot Cream

This was in my second last project pan, I have started doing them on my Insta now. I really enjoyed using this product when I would remember to apply it. I loved the smell if it which at first I was a tad weary of. It made my feet feel so nice and silky smooth. I miss using it but it is not on the Oriflame website so it might have been discontinued.

Lacura Hand and Nail Cream

This hand cream did nothing special, it did the job it was supposed to do and it didn't cost an arm and a leg to get it. I had another one of these in a previous empties and my opinion has not changed.

Quickies Nail Varnish Remover Pads

I have to throw these out as they dried up. I found them useless for taking off nail varnish and it took far to long for them to work in the first place. I think I ended up using them twice and then they were left aside. I don't normally wear nail varnish very often so I think if I wore nail varnish more often I would get more use out of them but I still think they dried out way to quickly for my liking.

Rimmel London Exaggerate Eye Liner 100% Black

I don't wear liquid eyeliner any more and I think the last time I wore this was in late 2015 so it is definitely time to say goodbye. I didn't really like the formula of this eyeliner as by the end of the day it would have transferred onto the top of my lid which is never a good look. I liked the brush though and I found it easy enough to apply but I have realised that cat eye eyeliner doesn't suit me as it makes my eyes look really small and it was so hard to get right.

Impulse Romantic Spark Body Fragrance

My 15 year old self was obsessed with these sprays probably because they smelt ok and were pretty cheap. I have several more to get through and this one smelt grand, it's not as bad as the Hint of Musk one. I'm not going to purchase this again, the smell was ok but it never lasted a great amount of time, I would prefer to get a more expensive perfume if that means I don't have to reapply it every 15 minutes.

Herbal Essence Clearly Naked Dry Shampoo 

This is one of my holy grail dry shampoos, it works well with my hair and doesn't leave you with those white spray marks. I love the scent of it too so that's a double whammy but why Herbal Essence do you test on animals? I have tried to find some cruelty-free alternatives but the one I am using at the moment is nothing compared to this. I eventually might have to repurchase this if I can't find a decent cruelty-free alternative.

V05 Ultimate Hold Hairspray

Another thing I have had for years, I remember buying this before I went on a French Exchange 3 years ago. I loved the size of it as I kept it in my toiletry bag as a just in case. It was a nice hairspray, light mist, didn't get sticky or make hair clump together. There was nothing special about it either, it was just a mediocre hairspray.

Have you tried out any of these product? Do you have any empties?

Thanks for being awesome,