Saturday, 29 April 2017

How I Blog: Blog Snaps

I find it so interesting seeing how different Bloggers do their blog post process from start to finish and I thought I would share how I take my blog photos as it has changed a lot since I did a post about it last year, click HERE. I normally bulk take photos which has been a great time saver as I don't have time to take photos every weekend. I also like to take my Insta pics with my blog posts photos as well. I have really gotten into Instagram since the start of the year and I have been posting twice a week. I took a break at the start of the month as school and life was getting all a bit too much.


My background is usually my desk Alex/Linnmon, which I got from Ikea. I have to clear a quarter of it off to have enough area to take photos without anything poking out at the side. I sometimes use my floor as a background too if I want a more rustic vibe.

I grab my laptop and look at the post I am taking photos for, gather up all the items I want to show like and props. I have a prop box that has a few things in it that I don't like keeping around my room like boxes and SD Cards but everything else is somewhere in my room.

After I've gathered everything, I lay everything out and start taking shots with my Canon Powershot SX420 IS, normally I have to take around 10 to make sure I get one just right. I repeat this until I have all photos taken. This takes me around an hour to do. I always end up rearranging things and messing around with angles etc. I know my blog photography isn't magnificent but it has definitely come a long from this time a year ago.


Now onto my least favourite part and that is editing. I don't know why but I hate doing it so much but I love the end product. I go through all the photos and look for the best ones and slowly whittle down the 100 photos I take to around 15. I use PicMonkey to edit them usual just brightness, contrast, crop and saturation. If I need to put graphics over the photo I will use Canva, even though PicMonkey has that function, Canva has a centring function which is so helpful when trying to get the text smack bang in the middle. I normally save them as a PNG and I don't remember why I don't put it as a JPG but I do recall when I did work experience in a graphic design place they went on about the difference of PNG and JPG files.

The next part is to upload them to Blogger and that's pretty easy. For my Insta pics, I do everything like with a blog photos except I crop it to the traditional Instagram square. I schedule them on Hootsuite which isn't my favourite Instagram scheduler ever but it works.

How do you edit your photos? I would love to know.

Thanks for being awesome,

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