Saturday, 25 March 2017

Cleanse Off Mitt Review

This is one of my new additions to my skincare routine and I said in last weeks post, click HERE, that I would review the Cleanse Off Mitt. This mitt is created by Jennifer Rock aka The Skin Nerd from who is a renowned beauty therapist. It is very similar to The Makeup Eraser but it is less than half the price, €4.99 compared to €18 approx. It claims to contain no chemicals and can remove up to 95% of your makeup like any other cleanser.

What attracted me to buy it was that I had my eye on The Makeup Eraser but I could only purchase it off Amazon US and I didn't want to get hit with expensive shipping as well as a sneaky customs fee. I wanted to find a more economic and environmentally friendly way to remove makeup that wasn't going to break the bank. I purchased this in a local pharmacy over a month ago.

How You Use It

Place under running water until completely saturated. Use as a facecloth and go around gently in circler motions around your face.
Wash with hand soap or in washing machine.

My Experience

At first, I was applying too much pressure when removing my makeup which cased my skin to go red but after 1 or 2 uses I realised my mistake and changed tactics. I didn't realise that you needed to apply very little pressure to remove makeup as I thought the more pressure the easier it is to remove makeup but that was not the case.

After use, I hand wash the cloth with whatever soap is at the sink. This takes me about 5 minutes to do as mascara is hard to remove from it. I then leave it on my radiator in my room to dry for the next use. I put it in the washing machine once a month to give it a deep clean and get rid of any stains.

This cloth has become a main staple in my skincare routine and I don't use anything else to remove my makeup. For the price, it works amazingly and the makeup comes out of the cloth very easily. I love how cost effective and environmentally friendly they are.

Have you tried out the Cleanse Off Mitt?

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  1. I am such a lazy person that I don't really have any skincare routine. And I am ashamed to say I often forget to take off my make-up before going to bed. Though when I am feeling motivated I do like to invest in products and will use them for a few weeks before throwing them aside. This mit sounds like a very economical purchase and doesn't require much work so I think I might look into buying it!
    Thanks for following my blog Roisin!! You've made my day ^_^ And I absolutely love the layout and design of your blog. So pretty <3

    1. Thanks for commenting Marian! I used to be quite lazy with my skincare but gradually it built up over time. I 100% recommend the Cleanse Off Mitt.