Saturday, 24 December 2016

New Years Goals 2016 Review

Sorry this post isn't very Christmassy but I wanted to get this post up now rather than later. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas. I can't believe another year has come and gone. I feel that 2016 has been a weird but good year. I wrote a post at the start of the year stating my goals for the forthcoming year and now I'm going to see how I did with all of them.


Try To Go More Cruelty Free

I have tried pretty hard at trying to buy more cruelty free products, I'm still trying to find a cruelty free foundation that's pale enough for me and dry shampoo.

Get Driving

As you already know, I have started learning to drive, yay! I have 7 lessons completed and I have 5 left to do. So far, I am enjoying it but it can be very frustrating when I keep konking out. It is one of those skills that you need to keep working at and eventually you will get it. I try to tell myself Rome wasn't built in a day.

Get Yellow Belt in Kickboxing

I am happy enough to say that I have my yellow belt. I haven't done any grading since June as I haven't attended enough classes to participate. I can't go twice a week any more which sucks but I enjoy going on a Friday.

Save €10 a Month

I'm surprised I pulled through on this one. I now have €120 to saved, I mean I had €120 saved but some of it is gone, oops. I found this an interesting task as I have no job. I couldn't put in the money every month but if I had received some for my birthday or something, I would put it in ahead of time so I wouldn't end up spending it.

Stop Bitching About People

This one I have come to the conclusion is very unrealistic as I'm not perfect nor will I ever be perfect. I thought this would help me to become more positive but actually it hasn't changed anything. I don't really know what else to say about it..

Write Another Play

At the start of the year, I thought I would write another play. I had intentions and ideas but I didn't have the willpower to write it. I much prefer writing stories as I don't have to worry about how many characters there are or how many lines they each would have. I'm not taking this as a failure, more of a realisation.


Hit 10,000 Pageviews

I crushed this! I remember thinking I might hit this milestone in September or October but it was in fact July. I was pleased with myself as I didn't think I could possibly get it so quickly. It makes me feel proud of this slice of Internet I have to my own, that I share my thoughts on.

Put Up 1 Video a Month on YouTube

At the start of the year, I was pretty bad at being consistent but since April I have been putting up at least 1 video a month. I have found it very hard since September to have the time to record and upload one but I still have made a decent effort. I hope to give myself this challenge for next year as I don't want to abandon my YouTube channel.

Do 5 Collabs

I did 5 collabs this year which I am really happy about as I didn't think I could do it. I did collabs with Frances, Guilianna (twice), Nicole, Aisling and Christina. I love doing collabs I find them so fun and interesting to do as you get to know another bloggers from all over the world. I hope to do more collabs in the future. I also did a number of guest posts, 7 to be exact.

Check Facebook and Emails Twice a Day

I tried to combat this as I also procrastinate by quickly checking my Emails or scrolling and scrolling down the never ending feed that is Facebook. I have noticed that over the year I am less likely to check my emails but when I am bored I will end up scrolling through Facebook.

Smaller Goals

500 Twitter Followers: 700
50 Blog Followers: 23
25 Pinterest Followers: 24
1,000 Snapchat Score: 1,729
100 Instagram Followers: 101

How did your New Years Goals go this year?
Have a great Christmas!


  1. I didn't complete all of my goals because my aspirations for this year changed from what they were last year xx

    1. Thanks for commenting Laura! It's interesting how goals change after time.

  2. Well done on completing all your goals. Especially saving all that money - I could never do that!! X
    -Alice x

    1. Thanks for commenting Alice! It wasn't too hard, I just put my mind to it.

  3. Congratulations! I think just setting goals is rewarding in itself. You learn a lot about yourself. I also wanted to note, that you've inspired me to take a kickboxing class. My grandma got it for me for Christmas! I can't wait! I am looking forward to starting a new year. Hoping we can collab again soon! Your blog brings me so much traffic. ;) Again, congrats on everything! xx

    1. Thanks for commenting Guilianna! That's amazing that I inspired you to start kickboxing. I find it is a wonderful to keep fit and to know some self defense.