Saturday, 5 November 2016

What's On My IPod

I love seeing what apps people have on their phones/IPads/IPods and I realised that I never have done one before. Some of these apps I use more than others.


This is one of the apps I can't live without, I use it to chill out, look up stuff for homework or watching hilarious videos, YouTube is the answer. I think this is one of my most used apps as I love watching videos of random things.


This is on of my procrastination apps, where if I have to do something, I'll open this app and scroll through Trending. I used to read a lot of stuff from Buzzfeed but now I don't as much.


This is another staple that I feel everyone has. I have Spotify Free as I don't use it enough to pay for it. I love using Spotify to make new weird and wonderful playlists or even finding them! I normally play Top Tracks in Ireland or when I'm studying the Intense Studying playlist.

BOI Mobile

Online banking, nothing really that interesting. 

Best Fiends

Firstly, I am not sponsored by Best Fiends, I wish! I have had this game for ages, maybe a year or so. I love playing it when I have no WiFi or I'm stuck somewhere. I have the app on both my phone and my IPod. On my phone I'm on Level 38 and on my IPod I'm on Level 28. I love this app it is an excellent boredom buster.

My Vodafone

I love using this to track my credit spending which is awesome to check how much you spent on that 5 minute phone call and when your data bundle is going out.


I go through phases of using this to help learn more French as I'm doing it for my Leaving Cert and I want to do well in it. I used it for 2 months during the Summer but I haven't touched it since. I hope I will find the time to use it daily after I do my piano exam.


Goodreads is like a Facebook for books. You can post book related statuses about how far you are through a book. My favourite feature is the To Read list. I love adding books that I hear are good to it and eventually getting to reading them. Follow me HERE.

Google Keep

This is a synced version of Notes, I love the layout and how simple it is to type in a note. I normally put To Do lists or ideas for different things.


I did a review about this app HERE. I love using this for when I am going away for a few days, I find I pack lighter as I know exactly what I am going to wear. It could be laid out better but it's a good app, if you are into fashion at all or trying to make the most out of your wardrobe, this is the app to get!

Blogging Folder

Google Docs

I used to have my blog schedule here but then I changed to Google Sheets, the best decision ever! I still use this for any writing products or if I am working on a guest post.

Google Sheets

I used to be slightly scared of Google Sheets but now I love it. It is wonderful for sorting out blog schedules. I have been using it for my YouTube channel when I tried to have a strict upload schedule but that failed badly since school started back. I use a template created by the Blogger Hannah, I find it so easy to use and pretty and I hope she makes one for 2017 as I have no idea how to do that.


I sometimes use Pinterest. I have so many boards for different things Blogging, School, Study and My 18th Birthday Party, priorities I know! I love having a look every so often as some Pins as creative and cute. I'm not an avid Pinterest user but I enjoy using it.


This is a Blogging staple and I love to use it when I don't have time to go on my laptop and read posts.

Google Analytics

I installed Google Analytics maybe a year ago on my blog and I still don't know how to use it. I like to keep the app as I have good intentions in using it but I don't understand it very much.


I like to schedule Tweets a lot especially for new posts, like this one. I used to use Buffer but Hootsuite is more diverse as you can schedule as many posts on several accounts. I always like to schedule ahead and I use it if I am posting on Instagram.


Of course, another Blogging staple of anyone on Blogger, like myself. I personally don't like the app as it hasn't been updated in a couple of years but it is great for when I need to write a blog post on the go.

Photography Folder

Default Photos and Camera

I can't really complain about these apps as I'm stuck with them.


I always use InstaSize to put borders on my profile pictures as I hate having to zoom in when I am setting a picture on the likes of Twitter and Instagram.

Pic Collage

I use this to make collages for my friends birthdays as I am a very good friend! I don't really use it for anything else.


I love this for tracking stats and uploads on my YouTube channel, it is great to see stats on the go.


I use this for the Photography Group that I am in. Unfortunately, I haven't been very active on it since school started back, I know I use school as an excuse a lot but I hope to get back and at least start posting stuff on semi regular basis.


This was the first decent photo editing app I found and I have stuck to using it. I find it easy to use and the format is pleasing


I love using this on the go if I have time and I want to get some blog photos sorted. I usually use PicMonkey to add text for my title photo. I am so happy there is an app now as for ages they kept advertising it as coming soon.


I love using Bitmoji on my Snapchat as they are so adorable and fun to use. I have no idea why I have it in my photography folder though!


I have only started getting into using Canva, I use it to create my YouTube Thumbnails and sometimes a few of my blog photos. I think that it is much better that PicMonkey but it is more awkward to use. 

Social Media Folder

I think that nearly everyone has at least one of these and I don't really see the point in saying something about each of them as we all know what they do. I use the majority of these on a daily basis except for maybe Skype, Tumblr and Wattpad.





FaceBook Messenger



Default Folder

More boring default stuff!

Health Folder

Default Health

This is the app I hate most from the Apple default apps, I don't use it but I did try at one stage but it was so confusing and awkward that I just left it.


This is a period tracking app, I love how it doesn't scream that from the name or icon. It has been my favourite period tracking app to use as it uses so much more information that the other ones about anything about periods and also it's free and there's no hidden pesky additional charges.


I love using this for mini workouts or if I feel that I need to burn a little energy. I don't use it very often but I like to have it just in case if I want to do a ten minute workout. It is simple to use and the app to compatible with Spotify or Music which is awesome.

Study Folder


I use this when I have a very short amount of time to do a whole list of things. I love that you can allocate time for a particular task and it sets timers and when a task time is finished it moves onto the next task.


I use this for French as it is so much easier than trying to find a word in a dictionary.

Default Voice Memos


I became very lazy during the Summer and I got this app to help me get things done. Basically you plant a tree for a certain amount of time and if you go on your phone for more than 10 seconds after you put on the timer, the cute tree dies. I found this very effective but I don't use it as much as I don't procrastinate as much now.


Another to do type app. I like to use this when I don't have my Bullet Journal with me but I want to make a to do list, I normally use it before I go to bed. I think it is great as I won't forget anything as it has a pop up icon telling you how many things are left to do.


I use this for my English essays and work as I need more 'Higher Level Vocabulary' in my work. This app is both a dictionary and a thesaurus which is great instead of swapping to a different app.

What apps are on your phone at the moment?
Thanks for being awesome,


  1. You're right! It is fun to see what other apps people have. You have a ton of room on your Ipod because I swear I couldn't fit this many apps on my iPhone even if I tried! It might be because I have so many pictures but that's beside the point. I just put Nike+RunClub on my phone so I could start to train for my 10k next month so I'm trying to be productive with that! Then I have all the dating apps of course for the blog. (:

    Single Vegas Girl

    1. Thanks for commenting! I have a 32GB IPod so that must be why I'm able to have so many apps. I have never heard of Nike+RunClub, I will definitely check it out.

  2. I will definitely try out some of those school apps because I need to be more organised! I use WordRef online and I never realised it had an app so I will definitely download that xx

    1. Thanks for commenting Laura! I didn't realise WordRef had an app until my French teacher mentioned it.

  3. Lovely post! We have a lot of the same apps- Spotify, Duolingo, WordReference, MinimaList, and Bloglovin'! I'm definitely going to look into downloading Buzz Feed. x

    1. Thanks for commenting Guilianna! I found MinimaList when you mentioned it on your blog, it is a great app.