Saturday, 12 November 2016

My Current Favourite Lipsticks

I love lipstick, I feel that it can completely change or complete the look. I haven't shared my current lipstick favourites in a while as I haven't been experimenting with different lipsticks. When I find a lipstick that I love I use it as much as possible and abandon my other ones. Here are some of my current favourite lipsticks.

Revlon Super Lusterous Lipstick 415 Pink in the Afternoon

This has been my most used lipstick ever! I remember buying it in early 2015 on a complete whim and I am surprised that I have used up at least half of the product. It is a pinky nude that I loved to wear before I got really into doing eye makeup. Another thing I love about it is that it can be worn all year round as it is not very bold. This has been the most expensive lipstick I have ever bought, I have no high end lipsticks. I love the packaging too, it looks so sleek and professional.

Sleek Lip VIP Backstage

The swatch does this lipstick justice while the picture below of me wearing it does not at all. This is a bright coral colour that I love to wear to add a pop of colour to a look. It doesn't last as long as the Matte Me Lip Creams but it nourishes your lips and doesn't leave them looking dry and chapped. This lipstick is more Spring/Summer as it is a bold shade but I hope to get some use out of it during these cooler months.

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream Birthday Suit

Every blogger in the world has tried this lip cream out at this stage and I see why everyone loves it. I was surprised when I bought it that it was a perfect nude for me. I was hesitant buying it at first as there were no testers and I wasn't too sure would it suit me, I was surprised that it complimented my pale skin tone. It lasts for so long too, none of my other lipsticks can last 4-6 hours without reapplying.

What are your favourite lipsticks at the moment?
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  1. I love that shade on you- Revlon Super Lusterous Lipstick 415 Pink in the Afternoon. It looks absolutely gorgeous. Lovely post! x

    1. Thanks for commenting Guilianna! That means a lot.

  2. Those shades are so pretty! I recently got a bunch of liquid lipsticks from Color Pop! I might do a post on it because this post has inspired me, haha.


    1. Thanks for commenting Christina! You should definitely do that, I haven't seen much from Color Pop as I can't get it in Ireland but I would love to see swatches of them.