Saturday, 19 November 2016

Life Lately: November 2016

I have noticed since I started back to school in September I haven't shared anything with what has been going on in my life. I know last year was different as I had things to talk about but now I don't. I'm in fifth year now (Junior Year) and I'm in school five days a week every week. I don't have work experience on Tuesdays or spontaneous trips during the week any more. I miss TY, I miss the freedom and lack of seriousness of it all. I miss coming home and having no homework to do and do some blogging or go off to one of my many after school activities. I hate having to be negative but this is my life at the moment, school, homework, study, sleep. I miss checking my blog during the week and taking part in at least one Twitter Chat a day now I can just about do one once a week!

On a more positive note, I like having 170 people in my year. That might sound crazy but I met and got to know some people that now are in my year which is cool. I am also glad that I am doing subjects I enjoy more like Music, French and Chemistry. I didn't think I would like Chemistry but I much prefer it over Biology.

I'm doing 8 subjects, all Higher Level, English, Irish, Maths, French, Music, Biology, Chemistry and LCVP. I'm find most subjects alright except English. I have a different teacher and she is a little intense. I've had a few tests already and I worked so hard for them but I only go 60%, I want this to improve as the time goes by but unless I get a spelling or grammar weaver for my Leaving Cert (which I think is highly unlikely), I'm going to get badly penalised for spelling and grammar errors.

I feel like I'm trying to do the impossible this year and so far it is working. I am trying to do my Silver Gaisce but I'm managing fine. On a normal week I would have Speech and Drama, I'm helping out with a class this year, Piano, Dyslexic Support Group and Kickboxing. My week is hectic but I like it that way. Since I have a huge lack of a social life, I don't go out to night clubs or pubs, I feel that I can manage everything.

My YouTube channel has been lacking a lot and I have come to the realisation that I can't upload twice a month, even though I want to, it's not practical at all. I haven't been online much, mostly on the weekends.

There's always a silver lining to school and that is holidays, I had a week off for Halloween which was perfect! I got to relax and do some things I wanted to do but the week flew by. I did a study skills course for Dyslexic students which I found very interesting and hopefully what I learned will help me to study. I went to see some of my relations for a few days and I had 2 driving lessons. It was a busy week! I also got to dress up twice, at school there was a dress up day and I went as a Social (Media) Butterfly and the second one was totally unexpected and last minute as I had to help out at a Halloween community fundraiser and I went as Wednesday Addams.

There were teacher strikes as well. All across Ireland over 66% of schools were closed after the midterm as ASTI members withdrew from supervising and sub roles which meant that many schools including my own had to close. It went on for 2 days (not very long I know) I didn't take these days off to do what I would have preferred. I spent the time studying and revising work for Christmas tests. I did take some time off as well to do more fun stuff since I had the chance.

I know this may seem mostly negative but this is my life lately and I didn't want to sugar coat it.
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  1. I really enjoyed this post! I liked how honest and open you were. I actually just started a YouTube channel. I AM SO EXCITED! I'm going to try to include videos with my blog posts more often. Great post! x

    1. Thanks for commenting Guilianna! That's amazing how you have started a YouTube channel, I have subscribed to it and I am looking forward to future videos you make.

  2. It sounds like you've been busy! But a good busy of course. I wish you luck with your courses and hope that you don't get too penalized by grammar! Kickboxing, piano, and dyslexic support group sound like much better things to be spending your time doing rather than going out to the pub honestly. Keep your nose down and get work done because you won't regret it later! (:

    Single Vegas Girl

    1. Thanks for commenting and your words of wisdom!