Saturday, 17 September 2016

TY Bucket List Update

I was supposed to do this post a while ago but I got a little side tracked. In June of last year (2015), I made a bucket list for things I wanted to do in TY. I had set this until August 2016 to get the majority of them done, here is how I did.

Do my driving theory test
Done and dusted! I did my Theory Test back in October and I passed first time which I am really proud about, click HERE. I am talking lessons, I've done 4 so far and they have been going ok. I find driving difficult but I'm learning slowly but surely. I'm looking forward to putting my insurance on my Mam's car and actually drive on the road. 

Write better structured blog posts
I personally think my blog posts have improved so much. My photography has improved hugely and I feel as if the post doesn't look rushed. I have also started organising what posts I'm going to put up which has really helped me focus on writing, taking photos and editing the content.

Go a day without social media
Isn't it crazy? A Blogger like me went a whole 24 hours without social media. This was during my Gaisce hike which was a 2 day, 30km hike that my year did in September. I thoroughly enjoyed being disconnected and just living in the moment and talking a lot. My voice went and it was terrible, click HERE.

Write 15 songs
I have only realised now how stupid this one was, I have learned over the year that it is always quality over quantity. I don't know how many songs I have written in the past month and I don't really care.

Write a story (doesn't matter about the length)
I notice I keep mentioning me doing Camp NaNoWriMo and that the story is on my Wattpad, click HERE. There is nothing really more to say.

Audition for The Late Late Toy Show
I am so annoyed I ended up not auditioning for it but hopefully I will end of doing it this year. I completely forgot the deadline and then I was sick the whole week before the deadline so I didn't get it. The Late Late Toy Show is officially the start of Christmas in Ireland, normally the last weekend of November, where kids try out toys, perform and generally have fun. 

Do another grade in piano
This is still in the works. At the moment, I am working towards my fifth grade exam which will be around Christmas time. I was supposed to be doing grade 4 but my piano teacher decided against it as it was too easy for me.

Audition for something
In April, I auditioned for a local musical. Unfortunately I ended up not doing it as the rehearsal times did not suit me at all. I am sad that I couldn't do it but I'm glad I auditioned.

Donate my hair to charity
I had this plan but it didn't work out, if I was to donate my hair at this moment I would have a really short bob which is not what I wanted, I was hoping for it to be shoulder length. I hope to grow out my hair over the next year or two and when I am happy with the length I will donate it.

Try something new
In September, I helped out in the Fashion Show Tent at the Ploughing Championship. The Ploughing is the biggest farming event in Ireland, there is also loads of food and fashion stalls at it. I got to help out backstage at a fashion show alongside Celia Holman Lee who is one of Ireland's most famous models. This was definitely something outside my comfort zone but I really enjoyed it. click HERE.

Get 2,500 views on my blog
I crushed this one like a bug, I don't exactly remember when I hit this but I definitely surpassed if before December. Now I'm working my way towards 15,000.

Learn to do basic coding
I think me and coding are just not friends, I don't understand it and it does not understand me. I have tried multiple times in the past year to try and understand it but it just goes over my head completely. I am able to do minor touch ups so I have actually learned something.

Better my French
My French did get any worse, so I think I did ok. I used Duolingo a lot during the year but I have slowly stopped using it, I should really start again though.

Stop comparing myself to other people
I feel like everyone does this from time to time but for a while it was nearly on autopilot for me to compare myself to other people comparing everything from looks to personality. I have been working on this in the past year and it has got better and I hope to continue.

Put up 12 YouTube videos on my channel
I remember looking at this goal in May and thinking to myself 'I won't get this one done'. I put up 15 YouTube videos which I am really happy with. Since June, I have become more regular at uploading videos twice a month and I hope to get a proper schedule over the next month or two.

Make 3 more Blogger friends
This is another goal I made which was quantity over quality instead on the other way around. Since I joined Teenage Team I have got to know Bloggers that I wouldn't have got to know any other way.

Learn to not care about what people are going to say about or to you
Over the past year, I have been trying to give no f*cks about what anyone thinks of me as the haters gonna hate and all that. I normally bog myself down when someone says something horrible about me but I'm just trying to get over it.

Try kickboxing
I have been doing kickboxing for over a year now and I have my yellow belt. I am so glad I found a sport that I love and that is very interesting. Over the past year I have noticed I have gotten fitter, stronger and lost a bit of weight. I am happy I have found something that I enjoy that gets me to do exercise 2-3 times a week.

This has been the long awaited TY Bucket List Update.
Thanks for being awesome,


  1. You have completed so many! I love talking to you and the other members of the teenage team xx

    1. Thanks for commenting Laura! I enjoy talking to you too.

  2. Wow congrats on completing so many on your bucket list! Your doing a much better job than I am! x

    1. Thanks for commenting Alice. It was only a year bucket list, I would feel slightly worried if I hadn't completed most of them.

  3. You're doing so well with your bucket list well done! Me and coding don't get on either lol! I also need to start planning blog posts. Jess xxx

    1. Thanks for commenting Jess, I'm glad someone understands my confusion with coding.

  4. I love reading posts like these! You've achieved so much!

    Mind checking out my recent? It's a brand collab ft. floral bomber jackets and blush pink!

    Alice x

  5. A whole 24 hours?! Haha I've tried this and failed miserably, but go you x <3

    1. Thanks for commenting Morgan! I'm not too sure how I did it either but I had no data and there was no wifi on the hike.

  6. Great post! Don't feel alone on the whole coding thing. I gave up a long time ago, ahaha! xx

    1. Thanks for commenting Guilianna! I'm glad I'm not the only one.