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6 Ways To Find Out If A Brand Is Cruelty Free

As you know from many posts I have written, I try to go cruelty free with my makeup and skincare. It isn't the easiest thing in the world to do as a lot of companies like to confuse and lie about their animal testing regulations. Here is a few ways to find out if a brand is cruelty free.

Email The Company

I personally don't do this one as I like to find out instantly if a company tests on animals or not and also I find that the email you receive back confuses you more than anything but if you like to wait to get an answer and don't mind getting a weird email back go ahead. I know not all companies will try to confuse you but just beware that they might word it differently.

Use An App

There are so many scanner apps that scan the barcode of a product and tells you if the product is cruelty free or not. There are so many types of these apps, I've tried out a lot and my personal favourite is Cruelty-Cutter (IOS and Android) as it can scan the majority of things I own, the only thing is that it is not a European basted app so not all the brands that are available where I live scan.

Avoid Going Onto Companies Websites

This might sound like it should be the opposite away around but it's not. A lot of companies try to hide on their websites if they do animal testing by saying they're against it but they still do it. Here are a few examples of answers that I got from companies websites:

Are Simple products tested on animals?
Our parent company Unilever have been leading our industry and investing £3 million a year for the past 7 years on developing alternative non-animal testing methods.

This doesn't answer the question at all.

This is from Rimmel London Animal Testing Page
The only exceptions are the very few countries where, by law, the regulatory authorities require us to submit our products or ingredients to them for testing on animals as a mandatory part of their regulatory protocols in compliance with their local regulations.

Basically they mean that if they sell in places that by law needs animal testing, they'll do it.

Do They Sell in China?

By law in China, any makeup or skincare has to be tested on animals before being put on the market. This means if any company are selling in China they are testing their products on animals. 

Take Everything With a Pinch of Salt

This is the internet so not all the information you get will be correct, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the things I have put into this post aren't correct. I think it's best to double check your resources and not believe everything anyone says. I always double check and compare resources. 

Look Out For Leaping Bunny and Cruelty Free Logos

This one that has to be taken with a pinch of salt as even though it may state on a product that they are against animal testing doesn't mean they don't test on animals. Some cruelty free logos have less requirements than others for example it is easy for a company to get a PETA cruelty free logo than a Leaping Bunny one. 

Cruelty Free Blogs

I wouldn't call my blog a cruelty free blog as it isn't the main topic of discussion here but there was some blogs and bloggers who dedicate time researching and writing up posts on this subject alone. They have so much information and share their own opinions on all things Cruelty Free makeup and skincare. I personally like Cruelty Free Kitty and Logical Harmony. Here is also a list of more cruelty free bloggers click HERE.

What's your opinion on cruelty free product? I'd love to know.
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  1. Nice tips, thanks!
    Mia x. |

  2. Thanks for the tips and advice. It would be so interesting how much of what we use is actually tested on animals, I bet we'd all be shocked x

    1. Yes I agree! I've checked all my makeup and around 80% of it is tested on animals which I was horrified by.

  3. I never knew about the apps, going to download a few now xx

    1. Definitely recommend getting one! Thanks for commenting

  4. A huge problem is also the issue of parent companies, if a company doesn't themselves test they may still be owned by someone who does so by buying their products you are still putting money in the hand of people who do test on animals. It's such a tricky topic and really not broadcast enough by brands. Thanks for the great post, I loved reading it.
    Have a pretty day,
    Kayleigh xo

    1. Thanks for commenting, I think it depends on the opinions of the individual when it comes to the whole parent company thing. I hate the way companies try to mask it.

  5. I read a post awhile ago which gave a list of cruelty free products. Urban Decay are cruelty free which I am so happy about as it means I pretty much have no cruelty eye shadows. These are definitely some good tips. I'd really like to see a post on why some people buy cruelty free products but don't go vegan.


    1. Thanks for commenting Ellen, I love your suggestion.

  6. Hay, great post, love this. It's so good for people, who are starting out.👍😀