Saturday, 18 June 2016

New Years Goals Update

I can't believe it is half way through the year! It only felt like a sneeze ago since I was thinking up my New Years Goals in January! I also have my original New Years Goals and 3 Month Update post.


Try to go more Cruelty Free

I haven't been buying much in the past few months due to trying to save up for Barcelona and I am going to London soon (yay!). I've been pretty good with trying to get cruelty free products the only thing that I am finding hard to find cruelty free versions of dry shampoo and hairspray that doesn't cost a fortune. 

Get Driving

I have received my Learner's Permit and I am really excited about learning to drive, I know it won't be easy since I will be learning how to drive a manual car but I don't mind. I also can be insured which is another awesome thing as I was slightly worried I wouldn't because of my age. I hope to start driving lessons soon but for now my Dad is showing me a few things.

Get Yellow Belt in Kickboxing

I am half way to getting a yellow belt! I did my grading at the end of May and I got my white belt, the next problem is learning to tie it properly! The grading was hard but it was doable and all I wanted afterwards was a nice cold shower, which I normally hate. The next grading is in August and I hope to do it to get my yellow belt.

Save €10 a month

So far, I have €50 saved and I still need to put in the money for the month of June. I have been thinking about how I am going to spend this money or what to put it towards, I was thinking of either putting it towards a laptop for college or for getting a car, I know this money won't get either of them straight away but I can work up to it.

Stop Bitching About People

I feel like I have been trying my best to do this but there is no gauge to show how well or badly you are doing. I have been struggling at times but I am trying to keep a more positive outlook and more focused on myself and self improvement.

Write Another Play

I had an idea for a second play but I have felt so uninspired with it. I am not too sure will I get a play written unless I get one written over the Summer months as when school starts back I don't think I will have time but you never know!


Hit 10,000 pageviews

In January, I thought this goal was going to be impossible but now it is totally achievable, at the moment I am heading for 9,000 views and I'll hopefully hit 10,000 views before the next update.

Put up 1 Video a Month on YouTube

I have 5 up currently and another one hopefully going up soon. I put up another original song called The TY Song which was about my year in TY. I didn't put up a video in April as it was just a busy month but I hope to make up for that now as I already have one up for June and I'll put up another.

Do 5 Collabs

I still have only done 1 collab this year (oops), I did it with Frances, click HERE but I have a collab coming up with my friend Guilianna in July and I hope to do a few more too but for now nothing is planned.

Use Different Social Media More

I have really got into SnapChat recently especially since I have been on my Summer holidays. I love just posting random things I have been doing even if they are blog related or not. I have also begun using Pinterest a little more, I feel like I neglect it sometimes but when I go onto it for even a few minutes, I really enjoy it and I love looking at all the pins, no matter how unrealistic they seem! 

Check Emails and Facebook Twice a Day

I have become better at controlling myself on Facebook, I was so bad I had to put it on the second page of my social media apps and since I did that I have noticed that I don't go into it as much and I am not wasting half as much time on it. I have slowly stopped checking my emails but I still check them 4-6 times a day, so I hope to get that down a bit more.

Smaller Goals

500 Twitter Followers: 443
50 Blog Followers: 22
25 Pinterest Followers: 18
1,000 Snapchat Score: 757
100 Instagram Followers: 57

How are your New Years Goals doing?
Thanks for being awesome,


  1. You are doing great with your goals, keep going and I know you will achieve them! Don't forget our collab in July too :D xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    1. Thanks for commenting Nicole, don't worry I won't forget!

  2. This reminded me to check my goals so thankyou! Would love to collab xx

    1. Thanks for commenting Laura, we should definitely collab some time.

  3. Wow Róisín, it seems like you are doing very well with your resolutions and I'd say you'll achieve all your goals this year cause you are progressing a little bit with everything! I never knew you wrote plays. Also your covers on Youtube seem pretty good!


    1. Thanks for commenting Ellen! I co-wrote a play last year with my speech and drama teacher and she used it in her show.