Thursday, 2 June 2016

18 Things I Learned in TY

As I mentioned in my final TY Thursday post, if you haven't seen it, click HERE, I said that I would do a 'Things I Learned in TY' post and I keep my promises! I really wanted to do one of these as I know I have learned a lot about myself and other people this year.

No one really understands me
It's a weird thing to admit, I love my friends and each of them gets a part of my personality but no one gets me as a whole.

It is totally possible to have a shower and be dressed in 20 minutes
Especially when it's between Greys Anatomy and Code Black.

When something is wrong people will point fingers
Most annoying ever!

My school awards consist of smart people and teachers pets
Says the one who won a tutor award but I believe this is so true, the only reason I got that award was because I get on with my tutor.

Some teachers treat you like a human being, others treat you like a pay cheque

Say yes if you're at least 30% sure you'd like to do it
I had to make a last minute speech on my TY Grad Night while everyone else was saying no I rose to the challenge. I also wanted to preform on Grad Night but I was nervous and I am so glad I did.

Hard work pays off but it doesn't if you're the only one in a group that is doing it
And some people wonder why I'm not a team player.

Some people are assholes and there's no point in trying to change that
I don't really need to state much more.

Surprising people can be very interesting way of doing things
I didn't tell my parents I was preforming for Grad Night until I grabbed my ukulele before I hopped into the car and I kept it on the down low from my class mates as well, everyone was surprised especially the teachers.

Not everyone is enthusiastic
I learned this the hard way.

It's nice to get recognised for your work
Yes and when people say how awesome something you did is, it brightens any day.

Take every opportunity you get
I did... I think.

I think that hate doesn't affect me but it actually does
Especially when people just yell at you even though it wasn't directly your fault.

There's a first for everything and I started a few of them
Like writing a song and preforming it on Grad Night.

Getting to know different people is awesome
I'm a people person or a person people whichever comes out first!

I have had a lot of lonely times this year
Even though I am a people person, I have had a few lonely times this year which were horrible but I hope I have learned from them.

I have been leaving hints about my blog but nobody has picked up on them, I think
Very few people in my real life know about my blog and so I started leaving hints in different places like I have a link to it from my YouTube channel and also my personal Twitter but I have got the questions about it.

Acting is my forte and nothing beats being on stage or backstage
Excuse my French but that is the easiest way to put it, I got to be in a great play with great people which I miss so much, it was on nearly 2 months ago! I helped my lovely Speech and Drama teacher with her show day since I wasn't in a play of hers, I loved seeing all the kids excited and nervous before they stepped on stage or as they happily walked off as they were finished.

That's a few things that I learned from TY, I know not all of them are positive things but they are something I learned.
Thanks for being awesome,


  1. I feel like I learned a lot of similar things when I did TY! I was quite shy and I regret not doing the things I would've loved to do even though I tried a lot! I also wrote a song and sang it for my grad too! People still sing it to me three years later it's a little embarrassing! Sounds like you had a great year overall! x


    1. Thanks for commenting Leigh! I had a great year overall.