Saturday, 28 May 2016

My Bullet Journal

Since the start of the year, I have been using the Bullet Journal system to plan what to do. I've always wanted to use a planner but they are so expensive and I had bought one before and used it for 2 whole weeks! The great thing about the Bullet Journal is how personalised it is, you can put anything from blog stats to weekly expenses, and you can use any notebook you choose, mine is an IKEA notebook that was €3 as I wanted to try out it out before I bought a decent notebook.

How I found out about Bullet Journalling was through this video.

So far I'm using my Bullet Journal to write in events or activities through the month, blog ideas, blog stats, cover ideas and to do lists. I hope to start using it for more things.

Key and Colour Code System

Some blog posts and cover ideas
I find this works effectively especially with to do lists and putting things into the calendar. I don't use this every day but I use it when I have a lot of things to do or I need a bit of motivation.

My Daily To Dos
I used it for packing for Barcelona and I didn't forget anything which was awesome.

Of course mine is no work of art, I'm not very artistic but I enjoy experimenting with different colours and layouts and I find it very relaxing to do at the start of each month. I love thinking of pages to put in to it as there's no limit to what you can put into it.

These are a few ideas that came to me but I have no clue what I am going to do with them yet.
I think I'll find it great next year when I'm in 5th year *groan* and I have to fit in all my hobbies as well as homework and study but at the moment I'm using it for blogging and getting things done.

I normally did to do lists on small pieces of paper and throw them away, now it is nice to see what I did on a certain day. I love the whole idea of the Bullet Journal, I think it is such a useful resource and so easy to use!

Have you heard of the Bullet Journal and do you use it?
Thanks for being awesome,


  1. LOVE THIS! Seems like a great way to get organized and keep track of whats going on! Your blog is wonderful by the way, had to let you know!

    1. Thank you so much Vanessa! It is such an easy to use planner and is totally what you make it.

  2. Lovely post, Róisín! I really want to start a bullet journal, just not sure how to go about it. As of now, I have a journal- just for personal use- and I am so picky about the layout and everything. Definitely going to start a bullet journal for this summer. I think it would really help e take control of my blog more. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to future posts. xx

    1. Thanks for commenting Guilianna! I really like the system and I hope to use it more to my advantage.

  3. Love this, I really need to start a bullet journal to keep organised, (I love organising things)! Also I was just wondering wat do you use to check your stats I'm not very good with all the technical stuff! - Lexi xx

    1. Thanks for commenting Lexi!! I use Bloggers stats for my blog stars and I normally check my followers for all my social media