Saturday, 16 April 2016

How I Blog: School and Blogging

I have decided to start up a little mini series called 'How I Blog', I hope to be discussing what I do when it comes to blogging as I know everyone does things differently.

I was half tempted to put School Vs. Blogging as the title but then I realised that you can do both, you don't have to feel like your focusing on one and abandoning the other. Saying that, I think school and my education is more important than my blog and it is ok to admit that. If it is between preparing for a blog post and studying for an exam obviously I will go for studying for the exam.

I am lucky that this academic year isn't that strenuous, I go to school 4 days a week, one day of work experience, little to no homework and a few projects. It is optimal conditions for blogging, I can spend more time than usual writing up blog posts and taking photos. This time last year wasn't as easy as I had my first state exams Junior Cert and I know next year when I'm in 5th year it won't be as easy to find time between homework, essays, projects and tests, I don't think I'll have much time to breath after that. So here are a few things I go by when it comes to blogging and school.

School Always Comes First 

It sucks to say it but unfortunately hobbies comes second compared to school. I want to go to college/university after I finish school and since course points are based on supply and demand, I have to work hard from the word go. The majority of the course for the Leaving Cert is done in 5th year and I don't want to be going into 6th year stressed out more because I did nothing the year before.

Use Weekends and Holidays to Your Advantage

I use this now a lot as I sometimes I have so much going on during the week, I have to leave the bulk of my blog work for the weekend. Also, taking photos at the weekend as for me it's nearly dark when I get home between October and March and you have more time to get ready. Holidays are great for preparing blog posts in advance, I started writing this 27th March when I was on my Easter holidays.

Do A Few Twitter Chats

I have only got into Twitter chats this year but I know that next year I won't be doing half of them. I think it is important to do at least one a week as you get to interact with other bloggers but I don't do them every day. The great thing is there are so many of them at the weekend for Irish Bloggers, LBloggers and Chatty Bees. Some of my favourites are The Girl Gang, Crazy Bloggers, CBloggers, Irish Bloggers and Chatty Bees.

Use as a Study Break

I used to do this a lot last year when I had tons of study to do, when I would take a break I would work on the next blog post, reply to comments and read other blogs. I found this really refreshing and relaxing. The only thing is you may slip down that rabbit hole and return 2 hours later with no study done but everything in moderation!

Do in Evenings After Finished Homework

I am that sort of person that after 9pm I cannot do homework, I get tired and frustrated which is not fun and I won't do my homework in that state so I try to finish before then. After 9pm, I go on the Internet, do some blogging, watch some YouTube videos and maybe watch some TV.

Schedule 6 Days in Advance

I like to be organised and I feel like this has been the best way for me to get work done. I try to get my blog posts ready the Sunday before, this gives me a chance if something was to happen, I would have extra few days to get it finished.

This is what I do and I know everyone is different.
How do you balance School/College and blogging?
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  1. This is a great read! I'm in sixth year and it's been really hard to balance the two but whenever I'm on holidays I stockpile my posts (even though they won't be current but there is still something). Definitely can't wait until I'm finished to blog all day everyday!

    1. Thank you for commenting Ailbhe! I have all that to look forward to.

  2. Love this post, Ro! I definitely find that blogging and school work can be a struggle- especially with after school actives like soccer and volunteer work. I use Friday nights and Sunday mornings to my advantage. And, use the scheduling tool. It's a lifesaver.

    1. Thanks Guilianna! I love the scheduling tool, it has saved my life.