Thursday, 18 February 2016

TY Thursday #7 It has Been a While

I know, I know, I haven't done one of these in a while but I have reasons, it's midterm now so I have more time to get things done. Here's a few things that I have been up to:

Work Experience

Since before Christmas I have been working in a Chemist and I thought originally that I wouldn't like it, I thought that I would use this placement to get experience working in a shop but surprisingly I enjoyed everyday of it. I wasn't always on the till, I helped unload stock, I made up prescriptions, I made up blister packs, I learned about what some of the more popular drugs were used for. I was working from 9am -6pm and standing all day. Since I liked it so much, I asked for an extended work placement which I was so grateful they said yes because I feel that this could be possible career for me in the future.

Young Scientist

Every year in my school, TYs go to the BT Young Scientist Exhibition which is a national science exhibition that is held every year. One person in my year was chosen to go up and present his project. I found the whole experience interesting.


I have started rehearsals for a play I am doing and its called 'The Wedding'. I was asked to be in the play by my Speech & Drama teacher (who also wrote it). The character that I am playing is Mandy, she isn't the most intelligent person in the world because she gate crashes a wedding in a wedding dress! I hope to tell you more about it because it is on the start of April. I also have to sing a duet from Grease 'We Go Together', which will be fun because I love to sing but slightly nerve wrecking because there will be over 500 people watching, I just don't want that to go to my head! This is my first play to do with an adult cast which is so different from having a student cast, it's much more enjoyable and interesting as I am doing it with new people.

Speaking of Speech & Drama, I got my results back from my exam I did before Christmas and I am proud to say I have First Class Honours in Certificate of Speech & Drama. I am so overjoyed with my result because a lot of hard work and effort went into it.


We went on a retreat to a local retreat center last week. I enjoyed it as it wasn't all about religion but more about your own personal development. We made friendship bracelets, meditated, talked, played games, laughed and drank lots of tea!

Cookery Course

I went on a cookery course in The Ivy Cookery School, it was very enjoyable as we got to see a demo of what was being made and when that was over we got to try out the three course meal and it was so delicious. We got the recipes which I hope to make in the next few weeks. The recipes are for tomato and roast pepper soup, wholemeal bread, basil pesto, bolognese and fruit crumble.

Driver's Ed

My school planned a day for driver's Ed where we did some driving, theory tests, changing tyres, drunk soccer (we used goggles) and trying to insure a car. I really enjoyed the driving as I had never driven a car before but I hope to soon, once as I get my provisional licence. When I was doing the mock theory test, I failed it which was slightly embarrassing as I passed my theory test in October. The drunk soccer was hilarious as you see double and you don't know which one to hit. I ran into the rails a few times which was funny.

Student Enterprise Awards

My mini company got picked by my school to go to the local Student Enterprise Awards, where we will showcase are product and talk about it. I was so happy to get picked as I had put so much effort into it. The awards day will be at the start of March. 

That's all I have been up to!
See you,

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