Thursday, 3 December 2015

TY Thursday #6 Its Being To Look A Lot Like X-Mas

I haven't done a TY Thursday in a while as nothing too exciting has happened.

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'Older Than Ireland' Documentary

In a local theatre, this documentary was back after popular demand when my school heard about this documentary they decided to book tickets for all TYs to go to it. At first I wasn't that impressed, I thought that it would be stupid, old people talking about their lives. I was completely wrong about it as I enjoyed it so much, the people were really interesting and so funny with the things they would come out with. The reason it was called 'Older than Ireland' is that all the centenarian are older than the independent Ireland (Ireland became independent in 1922). Their ages ranged from 100-115 years old. Overall I really enjoyed this documentary.

Law Day

Every year for Transition Years, my school have a Law Day (well its 2 days) where they get in a barrister (or an attorney in America) to come and talk about the parts of being a barrister and also do a mock court scene with us. The barrister I had, was very funny and interesting. He gave of examples of cases that he had heard of and some more famous ones. He went into the whole history of law in Ireland and how we got it from the English. On the second day we had the court scene. I was a witness on the prosecution side, I was a garda (police guard) and you had your statement and nothing else. I liked this as my dramatic side came out a bit as it was all improvisation.

A Not So Happy Event

One of the caretakers (janitors) at my school passed away recently after a short illness. As I am a part of the school choir, we were asked to sing at the funeral. I didn't know him too well, I was upset as when I thought about it, that's one person I'll never see again and to me that's scary. I don't want to give out too much information as I don't want to make you feel sad.

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Innocent Big Knit

In Religion class this year, my class are taking part in the Innocent Big Knit. If you have not heard of the Innocent Big Knit. It is an event that is held every year in the UK and Ireland where people make little hats to put on smoothie bottle and for each bottle sold 30c/25p goes to Age Action Ireland/Age UK. I have knitted 2 hats, one plain and one a monster.


The Late Late Toy Show

In Ireland, once as this show is on it is CHRISTMAS. It is on the last Friday of November (Black Friday), it is a show where kids try out toys, read books, preform songs, act, basically anything could happen. If you want to know what I'm on about head to RTE Player and it is on there for the next 3 weeks.

A Day Out in Dublin

Annually, TYs in my school go to the National Design and Craft Fair in the RDS, Dublin, ice-skating in Dundrum Shopping Centre and of course doing a bit of shopping!

The Craft Fair was interesting, I didn't get much except a chocolate plait which was yummy. 

The Craft Fair was beautiful and Christmassy and has made me feel in the Christmas spirit.

Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry as they are action shoots, also the penguin looks like it is attacking me.

After that, I went ice-skating. I had never gone ice-skating before but I had done roller skating and I feel like they are slightly similar. I enjoyed this so much and I want to do this again soon. At first I was trying to drag myself around the ice rink, then I moved onto a penguin, that helps keep your balance. I decided that I should at least try to skate by myself, which I did (very shaky though) and then we had to finish up.

After I changed out of my wet clothes, I went for a spot of shopping and these are a few bits I picked up. I am surprised I didn't pick up any more things as I normally go a bit crazy in Dundrum.

So that's all that's happening in TY at the moment.
Are you feeling a bit Christmassy yet?
See you,

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