Saturday, 19 December 2015

Collabmas Week #3 Movies I Watch At Christmas

Hallo ihr Lieben,
My name is Aoífe and I am behind the blog IohfaRóisín and I have decided to swap content for a collaboration based on the movies we watch at Christmas. Make sure to check out Róisín's post on my blog by clicking the above link (Iohfa). I really hope you enjoy our posts! Merry Christmas!

I am not one to watch many Christmas films, or get into the festive spirit, but there are some movies that I have loved since I was a small child so I thought I would share them with you! I usually watch only one Christmas Movie a year.. I know, I am such a Scrooge! However, I do tend to watch some other movies during this time so I will tell you those as well because I feel like this post will be too short otherwise!

I am pretty sure you will probably have seen most of these movies so a description is not necessary!
My Movies.. ♥
The Grinch
Miracle on 34th Street
Christmas with the Kranks
The Polar Express
Meet the Parents (is that the Christmas one?)
The Santa Clause
Home Alone 1
The Holiday
Harry Potter
Sala Samobójców
The Theory of Everything

As you can see, I have not watched many Christmas movies.. I honestly thought there would have been more on that list! Oh well, that just gives me another reason to try and see more.. I usually watch The Grinch on Christmas Eve before I go to bed to try and get in the festive spirit. I feel like the older I get, the less excited I am for this time of year. To complete my movie time, I like indulge in Jaffa Cakes or some Celebrations/Roses (whatever tin is open!).

What movies do you like to watch during the Christmas period?

Bis bald,

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