Thursday, 8 October 2015

TY Thursday #4 Gaisce, Yearbook & Work Experience

Wicklow, it looks kinda creepy
One big misconception about TY is that it's a 'lazy' year where you do absolutely nothing. I completely disagree with this even though you are not as focused on school work, I have been doing lots of other things outside of school and outside of the classroom.

The stony mound is actually a mesolithic tomb
As apart of my schools TY program, all students are doing a bronze Gaisce award. The word 'gaisce' is an Irish word for achievement. 
Gaisce – The President's Award  is an award in Ireland, earned by young people between the ages of 15 and 25 for participating in several activities for a certain period. There are three awards; bronze, silver and gold.
To receive the award you must do a skill, a physical activity, community involvement and an adventure journey. I'm doing drama as a skill, kick boxing as a physical activity and I'm working in a charity shop for community involvement. So far I am enjoying all of them.

Last week, I completed the adventure journey part, I did 25+km (I don't know exactly) in the Wicklow mountains. This hike was not easy as a lot of it was up slopes and on very unlevel ground. It was done over 2 days in fabulous weather and the views were amazing (as you can see by the photos).

Onto other things, I was asked by my yearbook teacher to be an editor! Of course I said yes, I remember in first year wanting to do it when I am in TY or fifth year as those are the only years allowed to do it. I was so happy to be asked, I even did a happy dance!
Source: Giphy
In total there are going to be around 8 editors and our job will be to do spell check (not looking forward to that!) and sort out what pages go where. I will have to write a piece about myself on the back which I think is cool.

I have only 2 days left in the graphic design company for work experience, it will be bitter sweet when I go as I have enjoyed working there but I will be going onto working in a playschool  and I feel that being there would be interesting too. Here are a few things I have made up to now:

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