Thursday, 15 October 2015

Ró's Rambles #1 Taylor Swift Is Taking A Break!

Hello and welcome to the first Ró's Rambles.
I don't know how often I will be doing these but there will be a lot of my opinion in these posts, so if you are opinion sensitive, don't read these!

This post is inspired by an article from the Irish Mirror (which is a tabloid).

Firstly I don't know should I believe this or not as sometimes tabloids twist stories to make them more interesting for the reader. If what is said is to be true, I actually think she deserves a break, 10 years in the spotlight, 3 movies, a few TV shows, 5 albums, 3 world tours. She has to have some time to herself and just be herself if that includes writing songs or not. I feel that a lot of people have joined the Swiftie bandwagon shortly after her most recent album 1989 came out (I can say this as I have been a Swiftie since around the time Red came out), so if they really want more of her they can go back to previous albums. For some Swifties like me that started around Red can go back to her original album 'Taylor Swift' which surprising I don't have either as a physical copy or on my iPod but that's a different story. I think and feel that I connect with her music from Speak Now and Fearless than 1989 because when she was writing those albums, she was a similar age to me.
All TS albums I have
Who knows except Taylor, what she is going to do but I think any ways, she deserves a good break after her 1989 World Tour that started in February. What she does from there, I don't mind as long as she doesn't do anything too stupid!

I know I will be upset if she does take a break but I'll just wait patiently for her to return. But you never know this could be just a twisted story that someone made up, until Taylor Swift herself announces it officially then I will believe it.

What are your opinions on it? I would really like to know!
Do you think she will take a break or deserves a break?

See you,

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