Saturday, 31 October 2015

Recent Loves Music Playlist #1

I love listening to music and I always try to find new music (and then obsess over it!). So here are a few of my recent loves:

Poison, Rita Ora

I don't know why I love this song so much but I had it in my September Favourites. I think it is just the melody behind it all and I think Rita Ora is a good singer. 

Lean On, Major Lazer & DJ Snake (feat. MO)

This is another song that I love but I have no idea why but it is so catchy and I feel as if it is sending a good message that 'all we need is somebody to lean on'.

Drag Me Down, One Direction

I am not a Directioner and far from it! I really like that One Direction decided to sing a song about friendship etc. instead of typical boy band songs. I think it is such a nice song and even though it is just one verse and one chorus over and over it doesn't seem repetitive.

Fire Meets Gasoline, Sia

I can't believe this song didn't get popular sooner! It is definitely a 'Sia' sort of song but I'm not complaining, I actual like Sia's music and I think it is unique and beautiful.

Flashlight, Jessie J

I love this song, the first time I heard it was when the Barden Bellas performed it on Pitch Perfect 2. I was so surprised that it was Jessie J because I never knew she did this sort of music. This song is simple but so beautiful.

Fight Song, Rachel Platten  

This is my motivational song as I find it gives me strength to do things I normally don't want to do. It is one of those songs you can listen to if you are happy or sad. 

Trap Queen, Fetty Wap

I had no idea what the name of this song until I had to try and find it, which took a while! I also have no idea why I like this song as I normally don't like Rap songs but I'm not going to deny I like it. 

Haunted, Taylor Swift

I am that sort of person who finds a song I relate with and then I get obsessed with that song and this is the song I have been obsessed with at the moment (I'm even learning to play it on guitar!). I just think this song is dark but understandable.

What music have you loved recently?
See you,


  1. Love Haunted by Taylor Swift! Her songs never get old. I love Perfect by One Direction and Hide Away by Daya. I'm obsessed! xox

    1. I agree, I feel as if her songs won't get old with if her music style evolves further.