Saturday, 31 October 2015

Recent Loves Music Playlist #1

I love listening to music and I always try to find new music (and then obsess over it!). So here are a few of my recent loves:

Poison, Rita Ora

I don't know why I love this song so much but I had it in my September Favourites. I think it is just the melody behind it all and I think Rita Ora is a good singer. 

Lean On, Major Lazer & DJ Snake (feat. MO)

This is another song that I love but I have no idea why but it is so catchy and I feel as if it is sending a good message that 'all we need is somebody to lean on'.

Drag Me Down, One Direction

I am not a Directioner and far from it! I really like that One Direction decided to sing a song about friendship etc. instead of typical boy band songs. I think it is such a nice song and even though it is just one verse and one chorus over and over it doesn't seem repetitive.

Fire Meets Gasoline, Sia

I can't believe this song didn't get popular sooner! It is definitely a 'Sia' sort of song but I'm not complaining, I actual like Sia's music and I think it is unique and beautiful.

Flashlight, Jessie J

I love this song, the first time I heard it was when the Barden Bellas performed it on Pitch Perfect 2. I was so surprised that it was Jessie J because I never knew she did this sort of music. This song is simple but so beautiful.

Fight Song, Rachel Platten  

This is my motivational song as I find it gives me strength to do things I normally don't want to do. It is one of those songs you can listen to if you are happy or sad. 

Trap Queen, Fetty Wap

I had no idea what the name of this song until I had to try and find it, which took a while! I also have no idea why I like this song as I normally don't like Rap songs but I'm not going to deny I like it. 

Haunted, Taylor Swift

I am that sort of person who finds a song I relate with and then I get obsessed with that song and this is the song I have been obsessed with at the moment (I'm even learning to play it on guitar!). I just think this song is dark but understandable.

What music have you loved recently?
See you,

Thursday, 29 October 2015

TY Thursdays #5 Bogathon, Live Life, & Business Expo

A lot of things have happened over the past few weeks since the last TY Thursday and since I have a Halloween midterm, I thought I would tell you whats been going on!

Live Life Talk

If you don't live in Ireland you may not have heard of this story. In 2013, Donal Walsh, a 16 year old wrote a letter to the editor in the Irish Independent talking about how pointless it was for young people to kill themselves when they have their whole lives ahead of them but he didn't have this luxury as he had terminal cancer. He than started talking out about it and also his life with cancer. 

His father Fionnbar Walsh came to talk to 6th years and TYs about his son and the charity Donal Walsh Live Life Foundation. It was very interesting but really sad as I remember when RTÉ had made a documentary about Donal and I cried through parts of it. His message was live your life and if you need help, get help.

Driving Theory Test

In Ireland, you have to be 16 before you can do your theory test, so I did it last Saturday and I PASSED!!!! I was so happy as I thought I had failed it (you have to have at least 35/40 questions right to pass). The only thing is I'll have to wait until next April (that's when I turn 17) to get my learners permit but I don't really mind as I'm really busy doing other things but I'm nearly on the way there!


This was a 7km obstacle course through a forest and a bog and is supposed to be a team building sort of thing. I really enjoy things like this as there are various obstacles you have to go over, under, through and around. I would not recommend jumping into a bog hole as I did that and I got stuck and had to be dragged out of it by 2 guys in my year. The only thing that wasn't the best was that you got absolutely covered in muck and trying to wash that off (ugh!) especially when it gets in your hair but all and all it was so enjoyable and I would definitely do it again!

Business Expo

My school were holding a business expo and they asked TY mini companies to take a table or two at the school stall. I decided to do it and I'm so glad I did as it was a great learning experience and I got a few orders for what I am selling. I'll go into more detail at the end of this post. A dew teachers were even at the expo with their kids which was weird as personally you think teachers are teachers and not parents. The day was kinda long (11am-3pm) but I knew everyone on the school stand.

Also, I was fortunate to win  hamper from Oriflame Sweden. I'm going to do a first impressions/ review on all the products I got in on 14th November (as I still haven't tried everything out yet). 

Work Experience

I have finished my work experience with a local graphic design and printers company. I really enjoyed it and I was kinda sad to be leaving the last time as all the people they were so kind to me and nothing was a problem also I got to try out tasks that graphic designers actually do. Even if I don't go down this road in the future I think it will help me when I'm designing posters, projects etc. as I learned about the importance of not putting things too close to the edge. I think it will also help since I will be one of the editors of the yearbook (that company actually prints the yearbook) and I got to create a logo and business card for my mini company!

Halloween Dress Up

Every year since the school I go to has been open, the day before we finish up for Halloween everyone (well nearly everyone) dress up, including the teachers. It is that one day of the year where everyone goes slightly mad and comes in, in character. There are also prizes for the best costumes, somebody dressed up as Joy from Inside Out, my friend Isabelle dressed up as a Starbucks cup and someone even dressed up as one of the teachers! I decided to dress up as a CSI agent and went sneaking around the school for mot of the day. It was an easy costume as my dad has an old CSI jumper he got and then I wore jeans and boots, I had a gun and a warrant as well just to add more realism to the outfit.

CSI Ró and my Starbucks 


This was a 7km obstacle course through a forest and a bog and is supposed to be a team building sort of thing. I really enjoy things like this as there are various obstacles you have to go over, under, through and around. I would not recommend jumping into a bog hole as I did that and I got stuck and had to be dragged out of it by 2 guys in my year. The only thing that wasn't the best was that you got absolutely covered in muck and trying to wash that off (ugh!) especially when it gets in your hair but all and all it was so enjoyable and I would definitely do it again!


This year for TY students, we have to have a profolio with everything that we have done this year in it. So far mine is jam packed with stuff like evaluation sheets (I have to do one of them up on anything that is done, I hate them!), work experience diary, print outs from work experience, samples from different subjects and ticket stubs. I think I may have to upgrade to a bigger folder as I have my one half full already.

 Here are some photos of things I have in it:
This is a mock up of my art portrait.

One of the recipes I used in Home Ec

Mini Company

Another aspect of TY is the mini company. I share a mini company with two girls from my class called K C K Creations. We are making wooden decorations. I think it is a great learning experience as I didn't do business for Junior Cert (which I regret) and I just think it is cool the way it is practical instead of reading about it from a book. So far it is going well. Here is the business card we have:

KCK Creations business card and sample of business card.
All I can say is I'm busy, busy, busy!
See you,

Saturday, 24 October 2015

5 TV Programmes I Watched When I Was Younger

As every other 00s kid, I watched a lot of TV programmes. There are some programmes that I was so upset when I heard they were finished or cancelled. If these were still on the TV I would watch them!

funny animated GIF
Drake & Josh (2004 -2007)
I don't know anyone that could hate this show. I used to be able to watch it for hours, the adventures (if you could call it that!) were always weird, wonderful but slightly realistic. I always wanted to be like Megan probably because she was so evil. 

icarly animated GIF
iCarly (2007-2012)
Another Nickelodeon show, my love for this show was and is still indescribable. All the characters I loved especially Sam and T Bone. When I heard this was finishing, I was so upset. Weirdly enough I still haven't watched the final episode, which I should.

rugrats animated GIF
Rugrats (1991-2004)
As I have been told by my parents and proof of all the videos I have, I really liked Rugrats between the age of 2-5. I don't remember too much of it but recently I watched 'Rugrats the Movie' which I love.  
Image result for foreign exchange tv show
Foreign Exchange (2004)
This TV show was made partly in Ireland and Australia. Not many people around my age remembers it which kinda sucks because I remember it pretty well as it was filmed near to my granny's house. I love the whole fantasy around the whole thing especially the portal which the 2 main characters Hannah and Brett go to and from their own country (Ireland and Australia). I started re watching this during the Summer and I enjoyed it as much as I did when I first watched it.

Phineas and Ferb (2007-2015)
I think that this was the last good Disney channel TV show, I watch this with my younger brother whenever it is on as its one of the few shows we can agree on watching. I loved the story line when Phineas and Ferb would do something beyond ordinary and it would end up disappearing or breaking. 

What programmes did you watch when you were younger?
See you,

Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Versatile Bloggers Award

I got tagged to do The Versatile Blogger Awards by Ailish Elizabeth. I never got tagged to do one of these before but there's a first for everything!

The Rules

1. You have to thank the person who nominated you at the start of your post.
2. You have to comment on the blog of the person who nominated you.
3. You have to link their blog in your post.
4. You must nominate 15 blogs that interest you or that you have recently found and like.
5. You have to tell the person that nominated you 7 facts about yourself.

7 Facts about Moi!

1. I'm 16 years old and I am in Transition Year in School.
2. I would love to be an actress, author or musician when I'm older but I know that it may not be practical.
3. I am currently doing a certificate of Speech & Drama in the Leinster School of Speech and Drama and you could say it is hard!
4. I am slightly obsessed with American Horror Story and CSI
5. I play 3 instruments piano (classical), guitar and ukulele. 
6. I hope to write a novel in the near future.
7. My friends all think I'm slightly crazy!

Blogs I Tag!

I only have 10 but I think that'll do!

See you,

Saturday, 17 October 2015

My Current Movie Wishlist

I am always that person in the cinema that wants to see all the movies that come up in the trailers and then I end up seeing none of them. Then time later I end up watching them and really enjoying them. So here is a movies wishlist of movies that I want to see:
The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 

Finding Dory

Avengers Assemble Age of Ultron

Thor: The Dark World

Captain America: The First Avenger

Me, Earl and the Dying Girl

Ant Man

Cinderella (2015)

The Interview 

Jurassic World

Saving Mr. Banks

What's your current movie wishlist?
See you,

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Ró's Rambles #1 Taylor Swift Is Taking A Break!

Hello and welcome to the first Ró's Rambles.
I don't know how often I will be doing these but there will be a lot of my opinion in these posts, so if you are opinion sensitive, don't read these!

This post is inspired by an article from the Irish Mirror (which is a tabloid).

Firstly I don't know should I believe this or not as sometimes tabloids twist stories to make them more interesting for the reader. If what is said is to be true, I actually think she deserves a break, 10 years in the spotlight, 3 movies, a few TV shows, 5 albums, 3 world tours. She has to have some time to herself and just be herself if that includes writing songs or not. I feel that a lot of people have joined the Swiftie bandwagon shortly after her most recent album 1989 came out (I can say this as I have been a Swiftie since around the time Red came out), so if they really want more of her they can go back to previous albums. For some Swifties like me that started around Red can go back to her original album 'Taylor Swift' which surprising I don't have either as a physical copy or on my iPod but that's a different story. I think and feel that I connect with her music from Speak Now and Fearless than 1989 because when she was writing those albums, she was a similar age to me.
All TS albums I have
Who knows except Taylor, what she is going to do but I think any ways, she deserves a good break after her 1989 World Tour that started in February. What she does from there, I don't mind as long as she doesn't do anything too stupid!

I know I will be upset if she does take a break but I'll just wait patiently for her to return. But you never know this could be just a twisted story that someone made up, until Taylor Swift herself announces it officially then I will believe it.

What are your opinions on it? I would really like to know!
Do you think she will take a break or deserves a break?

See you,

Saturday, 10 October 2015

What I Have Learned From Being In a Collab Blog

As you know, the past Summer I was in a Collab blog. Since I was the newest blogger out of the four of us, I learned a lot and I would like to share them with you!

1. Don't Do Blog Posts on the Day its Needed
I used to be that person who would start and finish a blog post on the day it needed to go up! I saw the girls doing blog posts that were going to be published in 3 weeks time, I realised that I needed to start posts some time beforehand especially when I was on holidays or going places during the Summer.

2. Scheduling Posts Saves Time 
I never scheduled posts (for reasons as in 1.) and also I like to tweet about it once as it goes live. I found this website called Buffer and how it works is you put your tweet into it and schedule it to a time. This has been a life saver to me as there are a few occasions when I mightn't have Internet access and I need to tweet about a recent blog post.

3. Planning in Advance 
I never planned what posts I would be doing until one needed to be done. Now I have planned what I am doing up to 2 months in advance which cuts out the stress of me thinking 'what will I write about next week?'
As you can see, this is my blog schedule for the previous few months

4. Making Photos Better
I have gradually (only a tiny bit) been getting better at taking photos. I have learned that the best time is between 11am-3pm and that something in the background can make the picture more interesting and eye catching. I haven't dived into filters or cool camera settings yet but I hope to do it soon.
Before: Vertical picture, birds eye angle, unflattering background 
After: Horizontal picture, interesting angle, clean back ground
Have you ever been in a collab blog? If so what was it and what did you learn from it?
See you,

Thursday, 8 October 2015

TY Thursday #4 Gaisce, Yearbook & Work Experience

Wicklow, it looks kinda creepy
One big misconception about TY is that it's a 'lazy' year where you do absolutely nothing. I completely disagree with this even though you are not as focused on school work, I have been doing lots of other things outside of school and outside of the classroom.

The stony mound is actually a mesolithic tomb
As apart of my schools TY program, all students are doing a bronze Gaisce award. The word 'gaisce' is an Irish word for achievement. 
Gaisce – The President's Award  is an award in Ireland, earned by young people between the ages of 15 and 25 for participating in several activities for a certain period. There are three awards; bronze, silver and gold.
To receive the award you must do a skill, a physical activity, community involvement and an adventure journey. I'm doing drama as a skill, kick boxing as a physical activity and I'm working in a charity shop for community involvement. So far I am enjoying all of them.

Last week, I completed the adventure journey part, I did 25+km (I don't know exactly) in the Wicklow mountains. This hike was not easy as a lot of it was up slopes and on very unlevel ground. It was done over 2 days in fabulous weather and the views were amazing (as you can see by the photos).

Onto other things, I was asked by my yearbook teacher to be an editor! Of course I said yes, I remember in first year wanting to do it when I am in TY or fifth year as those are the only years allowed to do it. I was so happy to be asked, I even did a happy dance!
Source: Giphy
In total there are going to be around 8 editors and our job will be to do spell check (not looking forward to that!) and sort out what pages go where. I will have to write a piece about myself on the back which I think is cool.

I have only 2 days left in the graphic design company for work experience, it will be bitter sweet when I go as I have enjoyed working there but I will be going onto working in a playschool  and I feel that being there would be interesting too. Here are a few things I have made up to now:

See you,

Saturday, 3 October 2015

September Favourites 2015

Another month has flown by! Normally for me September is like January, it just never ends because I go back to school in September but this month went at a reasonable pace. I have a few favourites this month: 

I love this cream, firstly it has several uses as a lip balm to hair (I know it sounds weird!), it is not tested on animals and it reminds me of the Elizabeth Ardan Eight Hour cream (€33 vs. €9) but without the horrible smell and the price! I use this as a lip balm and it has helped my lips as they were so weird the past few weeks.

This month, I have got really into wearing liquid eye-liner (I have mastered the technique!). I love the felt pen on this as I find it helps me to get it precise.
 The only thing is I normally blink before it was completely dried and it is so annoying!

Probably the best €2.79 I have paid for a product. The colour pay off is fabulous and the stay power is pretty average. Unfortunately, after the second use mine snapped and I had to do some emergency fixing. I am normally a pink lipstick girl but I am trying out more reds. I would call this a mixture between a pink and a red.

Rita Ora Poison 
This song is my jam at the moment.

Image result for Big hero 6
Big Hero 6
I watched this movie with my family and I fell in love. I feel that this movie should have been more popular than Frozen because some parts are a reality to some people who have lost people that are very close to them. I love everything about this movie especially Baymax.

What were your September Favourites?
See you,

Thursday, 1 October 2015

TY Thursdays #3 The Ploughing Championship

I know by the title, most would be confused. The Ploughing Championships (or as it is more commonly known as The Ploughing) is a huge event that is held somewhere in Ireland each year. This event is directed more towards farmers but there can be other things like fashion shows and lots of stalls for anything you can think of, from clothes to kitchen appliances. This year, it was held in Ratheniska, Co Laois (which is around half an hour from where I live) from September 22nd – 24th. Over the three days, over 200,000 people come to look around.
Me with my hair and make-up done!
The fashion show co-ordinator contacted my school asking for 4 girls and 2 boys to help out at the fashion show, giving out leaflets, helping models get in and out of clothes and tidying away the clothes after the models had worn them. I applied as I was kinda interested at the opportunity and since TY is about trying out new things I decided why not! In the end, there were 6 girls and 1 boy helping out. I had been to The Ploughing a few times before so I knew what was going to happen but I had never gone the 3 days or worked there.
My Indoor shoes which were boots I got from New Look
I wore these outside as it was mucky 
There were 3 shows (11.30am, 1:30pm and 3:30pm) that were about 30-45 minutes long. The first show didn't go too well as I was so confused about what to do, you could say I was going around like a headless chicken! I had to help models zip up dresses, put on necklaces and have all the clothes organised into their outfits so it was easy for them to access.  Out of the 9 different brands that were there, I had to help at one and man the other one (by myself eek!). The 2 brands were Carraig Donn and Dubarry which are both Irish companies. After the models had worn the outfits (in total 8), they would throw them onto a chair which I would then have to sort back to the original outfits, this was hard because the Dubarry clothes were all similar in colour.
Dubarry Clothes. As you can see they are all similar colours 
Carraig Donn Clothes
Since I had been backstage the fashion show 9 times, I nearly could recite the whole thing and also I know when The Weeknd comes in when he is singing 'I Can't Feel My Face'.

On the last day, the 5 helpers (or as Celia Holman Lee called us 'her babies') got our hair and make-up done as on the last show we would be going on the catwalk (I was the only one looking forward to this). After the last show, we got lots of photos with the models, Celia and some reps.

I enjoyed every single thing about the experience I had and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

As you have  seen, my blog has got a face lift and I would like to thank Morning for a fabulous redesign, I would never have been able to do this by myself in a million years. She has 2 blogs her main blog and her design blog, go check her out!
See you,