Thursday, 10 September 2015

TY Thursday #2 Junior Cert Results

It has felt like ages since I sat down in an exam hall and pour my brains out onto a piece of paper but here we are just a week after the JC results were handed out in envelopes and the anticipation of what results you get.  But before I go into too much detail I should tell you about what I did the rest of the week.

Monday 7th: I had my first yearbook class, this year TYs are taking charge of what goes into this years' yearbook which is something I wanted to do anyway. A rep for Student Enterprise Board came to talk to my school to speak about the mini-company and the competition that we will be competing in. Since my group was half organised, we made a to do list and sorted out what everyone was going to do.

Tuesday 8th: I had work experience which I was making business cards, compliment slips and letter header for a made up company 'Sweet Treats'. For Gaisce (Which is a program for people aged 15-25 to help the communities and to try new things) in the physical activity I decided to do kick boxing as I had never really done an individual sport before. So far (after 1 session), I really enjoy it and I will be doing it twice a week, hopefully for the whole year. 

Wednesday 9th: JC Result Day *dramatic music* I wasn't really too nervous, I just kept as cool as a cucumber! My nervousness grew from a 0 on Tuesday to a 10 five minutes before they even handed out the envelopes! I wasn't that nervous as some people, one of my friends didn't even sleep the night before. When everyone had their envelope, we did a countdown. 10...9....8...7...6..5...4...3...2...1.. Most people ripped open their envelope to feast their eyes on what was inside but there were a few who went to a quiet place to open their results by themselves. I ripped mine open right then and there, I looked down as I pulled up the paper. I was so happy with all my results especially in Irish (I got a C) and Maths (I got a B! The grinds I was getting paid off). All together I got 8Bs and 3Cs. I was so delighted.


That evening I went to see the movie Ricki And The Flash with a few close friends and afterwards we went to Papa Johns for pizza. We had so much fun as we were the only people in that screen. I have no photos of that evening as I feel that sometimes you should live in the moment and don't bother trying to take random photos.

Thursday 10th: Only 8 people out of my whole year (of 80) came in. I was in the computer room most of the day, doing 2 pages for the yearbook and doing a few bits for TY mini company.

You could say this week has been eventful!
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