Saturday, 5 September 2015

August Favourites 2015

Hello Fabulous Internet!
Another month has come and gone and with each month, there is a monthly favourites! Surprisingly, I haven't got that many favourites this month but lets get started.

I featured this in my February Favourites but for a few months I stopped using it. I recently tried it out and fell in love once again with this product. I don't know why but it is actually one of the mascaras that you can add a few layers and it will look fab without having spider leg lashes. The only downside to this is the price, it is €23.00 (and that is kinda expensive for a mascara) but if I can get my hands on a sample set, I will definitely be getting it.

I love this stuff. If you want something that is a great spot treatment and is natural, go for this. I don't know why but this month my skin has been plotting its revenge on me (for some reason or another) and I had been getting loads of spots on my chin and forehead. This has helped get rid of the spots quicker than others and reduces redness. 

I used to not moisturise any part of my body apart from my face as I was lazy. One day when I was out shopping I decided to get one as it was half price and my skin was feeling quite tight. This is invented for people who don't always like waiting for their body lotion to absorb and for the lazy people out there (Me!). All you do is spray this all over your body and rub it in.

I think this is cute but simple notebook. I have started journalling this month, I try to write about something every day, sometimes it can be hard to think up of something to write about and other times its really easy. I find that this notebook is the perfect size to write in. 

What are your August Favourites?
See you,


  1. I need that Vaseline spray moisturiser, I'm far too lazy to use the regular kind! ;-)

    1. I would totally recommend, killing two birds with one stone there, you can be lazy and have moisturised skin!

  2. I love happy jackson I've got tons of their stuff

    1. The only thing is the stuff in Ireland can be quite expensive.

  3. I'm trying to get into journaling as well! I'm always looking for new writing prompts on Pinterest :)