Saturday, 1 August 2015

July Favourites 2015

Hello Fabulous Internet!
Here are my July Favourites.

Catrice Prime And Fine Anti-Red Base Primer
I got this primer in Pennies/Primark a while ago. I naturally have a lot of redness in my skin and this helps to get rid of it. Also I have noticed that my skin has become more oily in the Summer months and this helps my makeup to last longer. 

Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask
I would have just put this face mask in my favourites because of the smell (yum, chocolate!). I love this so much after I take it off my skin feels so soft and happy (weird thing to say about skin). The only thing that is kinda annoying is that the best before is around 3 weeks after purchase but apart from that it is amazing. I have written about it in another blog post click HERE.
Source: Google Images
The 4400
I started watching this on Netflix with my cousin. The 4400 is a science fiction TV series that was released in the 2000s in America. I don't think it was ever shown in Ireland. The show is about this ball of light that comes to earth and it disappears and in its place were 4400 people that had gone missing up to 50 years before this event. The show is about the people adapting back to life and the challenges they face. I am on season 2 and I am really enjoying it.

I have 2 YouTube channel favourites this month. These a 2 fellow Irish teen bloggers Jane from Queen of Quirk and Grace from Dainty Sprinkles. Jane just started her YouTube channel this month while Grace has been at it for 2 years. They both are so confident in front of the camera and their editing is on point. You should definitely check out Jane's and Grace's YouTube Channels 

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  1. I love, love, love the cupcake face mask from Lush. I saw a complete difference in my skin. Goodbye breakouts! Lovely post, Ro! x

    1. Thanks Guilianna. I have gotten a new Lush fresh face mask Catastrophe Cosmetic but I hope Cupcake hasn't set the standard too high for this one!