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I'm Dyslexic And I Know It

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This is kinda a personal topic for me but I think I should address it at some stage. I am dyslexic! For you who may not know what is:
Dyslexia is a general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that do not affect general intelligence.
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I personally think that it should not be called a learning disorder or a learning disability it is more of a learning difficulty. One morning you don't just wake up and think to yourself 'I'm dyslexic now', you are born with it. Another thing I think it is important to note is that this goes not effect general intelligence, just because you are dyslexic does not mean you are stupid or a retard.
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How It Effects Me 
Mostly my spelling and reading is effected but thankfully they have improved a lot. I remember when I was in 2nd Class (7/8 years old) I don't know why but I couldn't spell the word 'Took', I had to ask others in my class how to spell it and I remember the embarrassment of asking. I also find it hard to learn off full passages word from word or poetry, especially in school when you would be given a poem or passage to learn in a night. 
Just to give you an idea about how much I have improved, in primary school after my assessment I was so far down the spectrum that I could (if wanted)get an exemption from Irish. At the end of 6th class (13) I had another assessment when I got the report back it stated that I could not apply for an Irish exemption or an exemption from other languages and I might be able to get a grammar and spelling waiver. Cut a long story short I could not apply for a spelling and grammar waiver because I didn't 'need' one as my spelling and grammar was above the border line. When I was told this I cried because if I had got it it would have boasted me marks on the 3 languages I do, Irish, English and French. As language teachers went on and on about how the examiners at Junior Cert level (state exam for 15/16 years old, 11th year of education) penalize you for every word spelled incorrectly and grammar mistake. I knew that this was my downfall that was the reason I did not get a B in my English mocks that 1% that spelling or grammar error that I made because I am and always will be dyslexic. 
What Things Helps Me
Reading has helped me a lot since I started reading outside school and for fun that has helped me a lot. Also the speech feature that Google has is amazing because I always speak the word that I am trying to spell and it comes up. I have been using it the whole time even for school work or for writing or for even blogging.
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Another thing I would like to say is that I used to tell nobody about it, I used to think that I was weird, different, stupid but now I have learned to accept it and all my friends know about it. Approximately 10% of people are dyslexic. So it should really be talked about more. 

Just in case you want more information here are a few links:

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