Saturday, 22 August 2015

Back To School Tips for Exam Years

Hello Fabulous Internet!
These tips are for anyone that are doing exams of any sort. I hope these help!
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1. Get Revision Books
Unless you have really great notes for your subjects get revision books to help with your studies. Revision books are great as they summarize a 300 page textbook into less than 100 pages. I would recommend if you are thinking about getting revision books get them second hand ones because 1. they are cheaper than buying them new and 2. the previous owner could have written different things that could help you remember some information or write in some information that could be important.

2. Use The Internet
There are some great websites to help you with your studies especially languages. YouTube can be an amazing sources for language, science, history, geography and others. Just try to get away from the cat videos. Crash Course is amazing. I used that a lot for History.
Some websites I used for studying;
Crash Course
History Matters 365

3. This Year Isn't Going To Be Fun But Don't Wish It Away
I did this last year, I just wished the year away and wanted to get it done and over with which I really regret. I know I had to do a lot of study but there were people I met and things I did that I hadn't done before and I realised now how much I wanted them to come and go. 
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4. Make Out A Realistic Study Timetable 
I am so glad I made out a study timetable that I stuck to. The best thing to do when trying to make out a study timetable is;

  1.  Put in all the things you do first like school and other activities. Basically anything you do routinely.
  2. Add in homework blocks of an average time you spend at your homework.
  3. Then add in study blocks. Figure out what subjects you are going to do on what days.
  4. Try it out for a month and see does anything need changing.
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5. Keep Going
When you fall, get back on your feet and keep going. During the year there were sometimes I stopped studying and didn't want to continue but I got back up and kept going.

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  1. Crash Course is one of my favorite sites for history class. Super helpful! xx

    1. Same, I think Crash Course saved me for history!

  2. I haven't tried out those websites, I must go and check them out.

    Miss Blog|

  3. Great post! I'll definitely be trying to put this advice into action this school year :)