Saturday, 29 August 2015

Back To School: My Study Desk

Hello Fabulous Internet!
This will be my last instalment of My Back To School Series here, there will be some more on The Little Chatter Boxes, back to school fashion, supplies haul and makeup.

I was going to do what's in my school bag but then after a while I realised it was going to be very similar to my back to school haul. So I thought I would show you my study desk (I also write up and plan my blog posts here too).

I have no idea where my desk came from as I have had it for years now.

 My black swivel chair from Ikea. This has been one of my newer purchases, I got this as my old chair had no proper back support and it wasn't very comfortable sitting on it for long periods of time.

Underneath my desk, on the floor is a foot rest also from Ikea. I got this as I used to put my feet around my swivel chair and they used to fall asleep on me and I would end up getting terrible pins and needles.In the boxes under my desk, there are loads of random things like markers, copies, notebooks, folders, pencil cases and several dictionaries.

On my desk, my fake tulip that I got when I was in The Netherlands, there are some washi tap and lip balm, pots of pens and one pot with a few random things in it, The Bookchair which is basically a book stand, on top of that is a weekly planner that I am trying to start using, my Bush radio (which I think was discontinued). In front of that is my lamp (this is also from Ikea).

This is my not so fabulous study desk!
See you,