Saturday, 29 August 2015

Back To School: My Study Desk

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This will be my last instalment of My Back To School Series here, there will be some more on The Little Chatter Boxes, back to school fashion, supplies haul and makeup.

I was going to do what's in my school bag but then after a while I realised it was going to be very similar to my back to school haul. So I thought I would show you my study desk (I also write up and plan my blog posts here too).

I have no idea where my desk came from as I have had it for years now.

 My black swivel chair from Ikea. This has been one of my newer purchases, I got this as my old chair had no proper back support and it wasn't very comfortable sitting on it for long periods of time.

Underneath my desk, on the floor is a foot rest also from Ikea. I got this as I used to put my feet around my swivel chair and they used to fall asleep on me and I would end up getting terrible pins and needles.In the boxes under my desk, there are loads of random things like markers, copies, notebooks, folders, pencil cases and several dictionaries.

On my desk, my fake tulip that I got when I was in The Netherlands, there are some washi tap and lip balm, pots of pens and one pot with a few random things in it, The Bookchair which is basically a book stand, on top of that is a weekly planner that I am trying to start using, my Bush radio (which I think was discontinued). In front of that is my lamp (this is also from Ikea).

This is my not so fabulous study desk!
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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Summer Round-Up 2015

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Sadly, my Summer holidays are ending. I have mixed emotions about this as I will miss being able to sleeping in every day and do as I please but I am looking forward to seeing all my friends on a regular basis once again. So I have decided to do a Summer Round-up, so I don't feel like I wasted the whole Summer doing absolutely nothing.

1. I Survived the Junior Cert Exams 
I should really get an award for this! I survived my first set of state exams. Teachers talk about this for 3 years and it is just a piece of paper at the end of the day. It actually wasn't that stressful the exams itself but the few months before haven't been the most pleasant.

2. I Went To See Taylor Swift In Concert
This by far is the best Summer highlight as firstly it is my first official concert to go to and secondly it was one of my favourite singers. Also, my friend Isabelle and I fangirled the whole way through the concert.

3. I Joined A Collab Blog
As I have blabbed on about before, I am a part of a collab blog The Little Chatter Boxes. I have never been a part of a collab blog before and I have learned so much from this experience like not writing posts the day they need to go up! 

4. I Experienced Lush for the First Time
I had never gone to Lush before until in June when I stumbled upon it on Grafton Street. It had always heard great things about the brand and now I am now slightly obsessed with Lush especially their face masks. 

5. I Started Up A YouTube Channel 
I finally decided after years of wanting to set up a YouTube channel, I bit the bullet and started a YouTube channel which I do covers and original songs.  

6. I Went To Dublin A lot
I think I ended up going up to Dublin about 4 times, it was all for different reasons some were to see relations, I went on holidays with my family to Dublin and to go to Ikea (it is the nearest one to me). 

7. I Went To Cork
My family and I went down to Cork for a few days as my Dad had got a voucher to make a stool in a workshop in Cork. It was beautiful there, the weather was beautiful and we went swimming every day.

8. I Hit 2000 Pageviews 
I'm kinda shocked that my blog has hit 2000 views over the Summer. In my TY Bucket list, I wanted to get to 2500 views by August 2016 and at the time I felt like that would take months! But now I think I will definitely get it before 2016 starts!

9. I Read 3 Books
For some people may think this is a lot or a little but I'm pretty happy with that.
The books I read were
Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan
Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian by Rick Riordan
Under the Persimmon Tree by Suzanne Fisher Staples   

10. I Watched Season 1 & 2 of American Horror Story
I have found a new show that I love and enjoy. This one is a bit of a step outside my comfort zone as up to recently I thought I didn't like horror movies (but I actually do). I loved season 1 &2 of AHS as the storyline and the general creepiness is wonderful. I am now on season 3 which in my opinion is not as good as the first two (but Rotten Tomatoes says otherwise). 

11. I Went To See Paper Towns
Finally, Paper Towns is out in Ireland. I went to see it with a group of friends. It has been a while since I read the book so I don't remember the book in great detail but I really enjoyed the movie.

12. I Finished Writing My Play 
I haven't really mentioned this but I started writing a play a few months ago and I finished it during the Summer. I sent it into my speech and drama teacher and she said it will be used for one of next years plays. It isn't a full play, a normal play has about 3 acts while this one only has one.

13. I Went Surfing
When I went to cork, I did a 2 hour surf lesson which was so enjoyable. I had done surfing once last year and I loved it. The only thing if you aren't a very sporty person (like me), you may have sore arms the next few days.

14. I Started an Online Course
My aunt told me about this excellent free online course website It has tons of courses from finance to IT skills. I am currently doing a course on financial literacy. 

15. I Wrote 25+ Blogposts 
During the school year I could just about get up 1 blogpost a week but recently I have been doing 3 a week since I have had plenty of free time.

16. I am long listed for Best Youth Blog for Blog Awards Ireland
I know some people mightn't make a big deal out of this but since I only started my blog 7 months ago and to be long listed for an award is unbelievable to me. 

What have you been doing this Summer?
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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Back To School Tips for Exam Years

Hello Fabulous Internet!
These tips are for anyone that are doing exams of any sort. I hope these help!
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1. Get Revision Books
Unless you have really great notes for your subjects get revision books to help with your studies. Revision books are great as they summarize a 300 page textbook into less than 100 pages. I would recommend if you are thinking about getting revision books get them second hand ones because 1. they are cheaper than buying them new and 2. the previous owner could have written different things that could help you remember some information or write in some information that could be important.

2. Use The Internet
There are some great websites to help you with your studies especially languages. YouTube can be an amazing sources for language, science, history, geography and others. Just try to get away from the cat videos. Crash Course is amazing. I used that a lot for History.
Some websites I used for studying;
Crash Course
History Matters 365

3. This Year Isn't Going To Be Fun But Don't Wish It Away
I did this last year, I just wished the year away and wanted to get it done and over with which I really regret. I know I had to do a lot of study but there were people I met and things I did that I hadn't done before and I realised now how much I wanted them to come and go. 
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4. Make Out A Realistic Study Timetable 
I am so glad I made out a study timetable that I stuck to. The best thing to do when trying to make out a study timetable is;

  1.  Put in all the things you do first like school and other activities. Basically anything you do routinely.
  2. Add in homework blocks of an average time you spend at your homework.
  3. Then add in study blocks. Figure out what subjects you are going to do on what days.
  4. Try it out for a month and see does anything need changing.
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5. Keep Going
When you fall, get back on your feet and keep going. During the year there were sometimes I stopped studying and didn't want to continue but I got back up and kept going.

See you,

Friday, 21 August 2015

TTTS Week 5 - Interview

Hello Fabulous Internet!
This week is week 5 of The Teens Tell Their Story Project, we had to pair up with another blogger and basically ask them a few questions. The blogger I got paired with is Giulia from The High Heeled Paper Girl. Giulia is seventeen, French Italian student. I came up with these questions that I asked Giulia. The questions Giulia asked me are on her blog so check that out.

1. Describe yourself in 5 words
Curious, introverted, passionate, umm.... Compassionate and kind? (That may be a bit too self-flattering).

2. What year/grade are you in school and what subjects do you do?
I'm about to enter university (in France it comes right after the equivalent exams to A Levels) to study Literature, printing and media.

3. When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging two years ago because I love to connect with people. I also wanted to challenge myself to be consistent and try to run a project on a long run.

4. Is this your first blog or have you had others blogs?
It's not my first blog, however the others I've owned were less dedicated to sharing and connecting.

5. If one of your life dreams could become a reality, what would it be and why?
It'd be moving to London right away and having many job opportunities. Living abroad is definitely my greatest dream and London is by far one of my favorite cities to visit!

Go check out the other post on Giulia's Blog
See you,

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Favourite Summer Products Collab

Hello Everyone! My name is Christina and I run the blog This Fashion Girl. I am doing a collab with the wonderful Róisín; her post will be on my blog, This post is about my favorite Summer Products.
My first favorite product is the Too Faced, Better Than Sex Mascara. Despite having such a weird name, this mascara is the best mascara I’ve ever used. You can buy it at Sephora for $23. I like this mascara because with a few coats your eyelashes look 5x bigger. When I put this mascara on it makes my eyelashes almost tough my brow bone. I am a big fan of mascara in the summer because I don’t wear much makeup because it’s so hot out.
Macintosh HD:Users:student:Desktop:too faced.jpg

My Second favorite product is CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion.  You might be asking yourself, “How can a moisturizer be a favorite summer product? It’s just a moisturizer.” Well, many high fashion brands always say their moisturizers are the best besides the fact you end up paying too much for a cream that will last a few weeks. This lotion is not that expensive and can be found in local drugstores. My skin gets very dried out in the summer, and this lotion has helped me get smooth hydrated skin only for a few dollars. This has been my lifesaver throughout the summer because of suntan burns and dried out skin.

Macintosh HD:Users:student:Desktop:cerave.jpg

My third favorite summer product is a hair product called It’s a 10 miracle leave-in product. I have really messy, knotty, curly hair. In the Summer I like to swim, and be in the sun, which leaves my hair very, dried out. This product has 10 good uses for it that is listed on the back of the container. Since I’ve started using this product my hair has been less knotty and has been easier to brush. This Summer I’ve only used this product in my hair and I will probably stick with using it.

Macintosh HD:Users:student:Desktop:it.jpg

My fourth favorite summer product is Carmex Lip balm. This isn’t your normal fruity lip balm. Before Carmex, I used to think EOS was the best thing ever. Over the summer I suffered from very dried out lips. If you’ve ever experienced peeling lips it’s such a horrible thing. Carmex worked to hydrate my lips and give them a nice glossy finish. The lip balm doesn’t really have a taste but it gets rid of the burn of chapped lips and it makes it look like you have lip-gloss on.

(I didn’t want to show a picture of my Carmex because it looks kind of gross, but here is a picture of one I found online)
Macintosh HD:Users:student:Desktop:450.jpg

My fifth and final summer favorite is my all time favorite perfume, which is Number 2 in the Ralph Lauren Pony Boy Women’s Collection. I originally asked for this perfume for Christmas a year or two ago. But I have been using this perfume a lot lately because it has such a summer-y scent. It comes with a lotion and a travel size perfume (I’m almost done with it). I like the bottle because it’s pink which reminds me of a summer color. The scent is a bit strong but it’s a memorable smell. It gives off the feel of sophisticated yet fun.

Macintosh HD:Users:student:Desktop:#2.jpg

Thank you Róisín for letting me guest post on your blog. I hope you enjoyed reading what my (not-so-special) summer products are.

What are your favorite summer products? Let Ró know in the comments.

Christina Madeleine

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Back To School Tips for First Years

Hello Fabulous Internet!
This is mostly for first years starting secondary school in Ireland but these tips can be used for anyone starting a new school. I hope these help!

1. Try to get to know where everything is
This one helped me a lot as a first year. I had a map in my school journal and I put stars on the rooms I had classes in. If you don't have a map in your school journal ask an older student to draw out a map for you or if the school has a giant map take a picture of it and refer to it when you need it.

It is hard to see but I put stars on the classrooms I was in.

2. Use your locker
Please don't carry a day worth of books in your bag, your back won't thank you and neither will your bag. Go to your locker before school starts, during you breaks and lunch and after school. So in the morning, put all your books except the ones needed for the first set of classes into your locker. Then at your breaks and lunch bring the books needed for the next classes. At the end of the day, get the books you need for your homework or study. Don't bring unnessessary books around with you, that is just extra weight in your bag.

3. Bring Spares
Bring spare money for food, locker keys, house keys for the day when you over sleep or something happens and you forget your money for some reason. The best place to leave your spares is in your bag as if you forget your money and your locker key then there is a problem.

4. Be organised
I know this is easier said then done but this will help you a lot. The best thing to do is to pack your bag the evening before as you won't forget anything by using this way. Also to do all your homework the night you get it or do it as you need it. Keep track on doing homework by ticking it off or drwing a line through it. Like I said in point 2 use your locker. 

5. The friends you have going in, may not always stay your friend
I know, I know, this might sound crazy but it does happen. For me personally the friends I went in with aren't the friends I have today. People change and you change, so you are going to make new friends from different areas. In first year, I made a few friends with people I might have not known ever if they weren't in one of my classes. 

I hope these tips help you. If you know anyone going into secondary school, high school or your countries equivilant please share it with them.

See you,

Thursday, 13 August 2015

TTTS Week Four: What Inspires You?

Hello Fabulous Internet!
For 'Week Four: What Inspires You?' original post click Here

I was actually thinking about inspiration the other day and I realised that sometimes inspiration can come out of nowhere but mostly it can come from other people and things.

I feel that most of the time I get inspiration from inspirational quotes that I have found on the internet somewhere and these are a few of my favourites
Image result for blogger inspiration

Image result for dont let anyone dull your sparkle quote

Image result for nobody likes rain quote


As for blogs, there are a few that inspire me as I know the people behind the blog. Three bloggers that inspire me are;

There are a lot more blogs that inspire me but there are too many to name and I'd probably forget some also. Even blogs I have just recently visited inspire me because of their design, pictures or posts that have taken time and effort to do.

My family and my friends inspire me also especially when some start something completely new and interesting and they are always so supportive of me.

Some celebrities that inspire me are:

  • Jennifer Lawrence, as she doesn't care whatever the media thinks of her and she is so down to earth. She has inspired me to be myself and not care what everyone else thinks.
  • Taylor Swift, as she has kept going with her singing/songwriting career even though a lot of people disliked her and complained. She has inspired me to keep going, no matter what. Even if the whole world is against you keep going.
  • Malala Yousafzai, as she kept going and doing what she believed, if that meant her life being in danger. She has inspired me to stand up for what I think is right and never back down from it. 

What Inspires you?
See you,

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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Skincare Ingredients 101 Polyethylene

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You may know polyethylene as plastic micro beads that come in facial washes, toothpaste and exfoliators. The problem with polyethylene isn't that it is harmful for your skin (but if you think about it, you are rubbing bits of plastic on your skin) but it is harmful for the environment. I was on Lush Cosmetics North America YouTube channel and I watched their video 'How plastic microbeads are causing big problems'. I was shocked about the facts about these plastic beads.

This beads are 0.3mm in size, they are tiny! When you use a product that contains polyethylene, after you wash them off your face they go down the sink and end up in seas and rivers. There are over 300,000 plastic micro beads in an average size tube of a facial scrub. The problem is that they can not be recycled (because of their size) and this ends up in seas and rivers. Fish and other sea creatures think these beads are fish eggs and eat them. This could end badly for us as well as fish because some of the fish we eat could have eaten a large quantity of these micro beads and could be bad for us to eat.

Everyone can help by firstly going through their skincare range and seeing does any of the products owned contain polyethylene. If you do and don't want to use it anymore, throw it out.
To prevent you from buying products that contain micro beads, look at the ingredients or if it says 'micro beads' on the packaging, that normally means that it does contain polyethylene.  
You can also sign a petition to ban the bead

I personally have done all three things, I have even stopped using my favourite exholiater as it contains these micro beads.

Here are some links if you want some more information:
Products that contain micro-beads

See you,

Thursday, 6 August 2015

I'm Dyslexic And I Know It

Hello Fabulous Internet!
This is kinda a personal topic for me but I think I should address it at some stage. I am dyslexic! For you who may not know what is:
Dyslexia is a general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that do not affect general intelligence.
 Image result for dyslexic jokes
I personally think that it should not be called a learning disorder or a learning disability it is more of a learning difficulty. One morning you don't just wake up and think to yourself 'I'm dyslexic now', you are born with it. Another thing I think it is important to note is that this goes not effect general intelligence, just because you are dyslexic does not mean you are stupid or a retard.
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How It Effects Me 
Mostly my spelling and reading is effected but thankfully they have improved a lot. I remember when I was in 2nd Class (7/8 years old) I don't know why but I couldn't spell the word 'Took', I had to ask others in my class how to spell it and I remember the embarrassment of asking. I also find it hard to learn off full passages word from word or poetry, especially in school when you would be given a poem or passage to learn in a night. 
Just to give you an idea about how much I have improved, in primary school after my assessment I was so far down the spectrum that I could (if wanted)get an exemption from Irish. At the end of 6th class (13) I had another assessment when I got the report back it stated that I could not apply for an Irish exemption or an exemption from other languages and I might be able to get a grammar and spelling waiver. Cut a long story short I could not apply for a spelling and grammar waiver because I didn't 'need' one as my spelling and grammar was above the border line. When I was told this I cried because if I had got it it would have boasted me marks on the 3 languages I do, Irish, English and French. As language teachers went on and on about how the examiners at Junior Cert level (state exam for 15/16 years old, 11th year of education) penalize you for every word spelled incorrectly and grammar mistake. I knew that this was my downfall that was the reason I did not get a B in my English mocks that 1% that spelling or grammar error that I made because I am and always will be dyslexic. 
What Things Helps Me
Reading has helped me a lot since I started reading outside school and for fun that has helped me a lot. Also the speech feature that Google has is amazing because I always speak the word that I am trying to spell and it comes up. I have been using it the whole time even for school work or for writing or for even blogging.
Image result for dyslexic jokes

Another thing I would like to say is that I used to tell nobody about it, I used to think that I was weird, different, stupid but now I have learned to accept it and all my friends know about it. Approximately 10% of people are dyslexic. So it should really be talked about more. 

Just in case you want more information here are a few links:

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Saturday, 1 August 2015

July Favourites 2015

Hello Fabulous Internet!
Here are my July Favourites.

Catrice Prime And Fine Anti-Red Base Primer
I got this primer in Pennies/Primark a while ago. I naturally have a lot of redness in my skin and this helps to get rid of it. Also I have noticed that my skin has become more oily in the Summer months and this helps my makeup to last longer. 

Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask
I would have just put this face mask in my favourites because of the smell (yum, chocolate!). I love this so much after I take it off my skin feels so soft and happy (weird thing to say about skin). The only thing that is kinda annoying is that the best before is around 3 weeks after purchase but apart from that it is amazing. I have written about it in another blog post click HERE.
Source: Google Images
The 4400
I started watching this on Netflix with my cousin. The 4400 is a science fiction TV series that was released in the 2000s in America. I don't think it was ever shown in Ireland. The show is about this ball of light that comes to earth and it disappears and in its place were 4400 people that had gone missing up to 50 years before this event. The show is about the people adapting back to life and the challenges they face. I am on season 2 and I am really enjoying it.

I have 2 YouTube channel favourites this month. These a 2 fellow Irish teen bloggers Jane from Queen of Quirk and Grace from Dainty Sprinkles. Jane just started her YouTube channel this month while Grace has been at it for 2 years. They both are so confident in front of the camera and their editing is on point. You should definitely check out Jane's and Grace's YouTube Channels 

See you,