Tuesday, 7 July 2015

My Name Is Taylor And I Was Born In 1989

Hello Fabulous Internet!
On 30th of June, I went to see Taylor Swift in the 3 Arena Dublin for her 1989 World Tour. I have been waiting over 3 years to see T-Swizzle in concert ever since she announced her Red World Tour, I checked everyday on her website for 2 weeks seeing had she added Dublin to her European tour unfortunately she didn't, so when a date was announced in Dublin for her 1989 World Tour I knew I wanted to go. Since my internet in my house wasn't and still isn't the best, my mam decided that she would wait in line for tickets. Thankfully she got them. I was looking forward to this day since December.

I went to the concert with my friend Isabelle and my mam (Isabelle has a blog too cutoutin-littlestars.tumblr.com). I was so excited as I had never gone to an official concert before. When we got into the 3 arena we got the wristbands and some merch and then made our way to our seats. To pass time they had trivia questions, behind the scenes of music videos, Ask Taylor and Taylurking on the scenes which was such a cool idea. 
The wristbands
Isabelle and I 
Vance Joy was supporting Taylor, he played some of his new songs and to finish it off he sang 'Riptide'. A few minutes later after the stage was put in order for the opening, the dancers came out and then Taylor herself did. The first song was Welcome to New York. The costumes and the props were amazing! I don't know why but that evening was the most humid evening ever especially when there were over 13,000 people were in one room. At one stage Taylor mentioned about that there is no air conditioning and that we were going to get hot and sweaty together! She sang all her songs from her album 1989 and also Holy Ground, I Knew You Were Trouble and We Are Never Getting Back Together.

The wristbands in action
Taylor singing Holy Ground

This keyboard was so cool!
In between every 2 or 3 songs or whenever there was a costume change, up on the big screens were videos of Taylor's friends talking about her. It was such a cute idea.
All and all I really enjoyed this concert and I will never forget it. I was so exhausted afterwards because I spend 2 hours screaming songs and dancing but it was worth it.
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  1. I loved, loved, loved this concert! I thought the bracelet thing was so cool! Looking forward to hearing some of her new music very soon!


  2. Ah, I'm so gutted I didn't get to go! It looks so amazing, and I love Vance Joy so that would have been the best bonus! Looks like you had a brill time x

    Eden x / edenroses

    1. Yeah I did have a great time! Loads of people I know couldn't get tickets but hopefully the next time you'll get tickets.