My First Lush Experience

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Hello Fabulous Internet!
Last Tuesday I was up in Dublin and I stumbled into Lush on Grafton Street. I had never gone to  
Lush before but I have always heard good things about their products. The different thing about Lush compared to other brands or stores is that they are against animal testing, everything is handmade and 100% vegetarian. When I walked in, the smell was so nice. Everything was laid out and there were so many testers! The workers there were so nice asking if everything was ok or if I need anything but I knew what I wanted. I am not into baths so I knew there was no point in getting a bath bomb. I had heard of two really nice face masks from an Irish YouTuber  Melanie Murphy (I could go on and on about her but that can be for another time), she swears by Mask of Magnaminty and she likes Cupcake also. I picked those two up and paid for them, the lady asked me did I want to donate €1 to charity and get a small (10g) hand and body lotion. I of course said yes as I knew I wouldn't be in Lush for a few weeks and it is a really good size for travelling. 

So I ended up picking up 3 things Mask of Magnaminty, Cupcake and New Charity Pot hand and body lotion
So far I have tried Cupcake and the New Charity Pot hand lotion. I have not tried Mask of Magnaminty yet as the best before date for Cupcake is at the end of this month. When I tried the Cupcake mask it felt so fresh and nice and after taking it off my skin felt so soft and clean. If you really like chocolate you would really enjoy this. 

It also looks like dirt! 
New Charity Pot has a really nice smell, it sinks into the skin so easily but leaves your skin feeling soft. I will definitely be getting a full pot of this whenever I go back to Lush.

Have you got any recommendations from Lush? I would really like to know, I love trying out new things and I would like to know what to add to my wishlist!

I also have a YouTube channel except it is not like my blog as I am doing covers and original songs, its called Ró's Music. I hope to be doing a cover/original song ever week. 
See you,

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