Saturday, 18 July 2015

My Favourite Youtubers At The Moment

Hello Fabulous Internet!
As you may or may not know I love YouTube! I watch more YouTube than I do TV! So here are a few of my favourite YouTubers at the moment.
Melanie Murphy
Melanie Murphy
I think she is the most amazing Irish YouTubers as she is so down to earth and honest. She does a range of videos from skincare, makeup to her most recent addition #MelaniiesMoments. She is so awesome! If you are into skincare, makeup or chatty videos you will like her.
Another awesome YouTube. She is a comedian and some of her sketches are more based for the Irish but some are just hilarious and she just hit 50,000 subscribers which is amazing.
Joe Weller
Joe Weller
I thought I would never like Joe's channel but some of his videos are so funny, I especially like his videos with Malfoy. He does mostly sketches. My favourite video from him at the moment is Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Draco Malfoy

Life According To Jimmy

Another YouTube channel that does sketches. One of my favourites have to be the sleepovers, Why'd You Do That and Reasonable Robbers. Jimmy normally puts out a sketch every week.
What are your favourite YouTubers at the moment?
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