Saturday, 25 July 2015

Lush Wishlist

Hello Fabulous Internet!
I am kinda slightly ( just a tiny bit) obsessed with Lush at the moment and to grow my obsession even more and I will be going to lush in a month or two, I have decided to do a wishlist. Just to point out the prices are in Pounds as the website does not offer it in Euros.

Tea Tree Water Toner Water £7.95

Cupcake £6.50 

Cosmetic Warrior £6.50

Grease Lightning Spot Treatment £6.40

Charity Pot £12.95

H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Moisturiser £9.75

Ocean Salt Self Preserving and Alcohol Free Face and Body Scrub £7.25

What is on your Lush Wishlist?
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Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Struggles of Being a Teen

Hello Fabulous Internet,
I am apart of Teens Tell Their Story (It is kinda self explanatory). Every week there is a new topic and we have to do a blog post on it. This weeks one is 'struggles of being a teen'. Links to the original post and week 1- The Struggles of Being A Teen.

I personally think one of the struggles of being a teen is trying to find yourself. As a teen you question yourself, is this really the life you want to and will live? I think at some point everyone tries to be someone they aren't, just to see does this feel like 'Me'. You try to be a sporty, arty, popular person and you realise that none of them are your feeling of 'Me'. For some people this process of finding yourself takes no time at all while for other people (like me!) it can take longer. I feel like over the last three years I have really found myself.

At the age of 13, I started a new school like everyone else and I wanted to be a popular person because I thought that would be my feeling of 'Me', I realised that I had no qualities of being popular so I decided to stop that which I am thankful for.

At the age of 14, I was following the crowd, like a sheep would follow the flock. I just did what everyone else said was enjoyable and cool. I realised I did not enjoy these things and decided to go the other way and do what I thought was enjoyable and cool

At the age of 15, I decided to stop doing things I didn't enjoy as there is no point in doing something you don't like. I found out what I really enjoy music, writing and drama.

At the age of 16, I have come to terms with this feeling of 'Me' that I have found but I know I have still some left to find.

I think the song Fifteen by Taylor Swift really shows finding yourself
"Well count to ten, take it in this is life before you know who you're gonna be"
Some people may think this is a weird thing to call a struggle but it happens to everyone and so does a lot of over things.
If you are apart of Teens Tell Their Story Project please link your posts below.
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Saturday, 18 July 2015

My Favourite Youtubers At The Moment

Hello Fabulous Internet!
As you may or may not know I love YouTube! I watch more YouTube than I do TV! So here are a few of my favourite YouTubers at the moment.
Melanie Murphy
Melanie Murphy
I think she is the most amazing Irish YouTubers as she is so down to earth and honest. She does a range of videos from skincare, makeup to her most recent addition #MelaniiesMoments. She is so awesome! If you are into skincare, makeup or chatty videos you will like her.
Another awesome YouTube. She is a comedian and some of her sketches are more based for the Irish but some are just hilarious and she just hit 50,000 subscribers which is amazing.
Joe Weller
Joe Weller
I thought I would never like Joe's channel but some of his videos are so funny, I especially like his videos with Malfoy. He does mostly sketches. My favourite video from him at the moment is Cristiano Ronaldo Vs. Draco Malfoy

Life According To Jimmy

Another YouTube channel that does sketches. One of my favourites have to be the sleepovers, Why'd You Do That and Reasonable Robbers. Jimmy normally puts out a sketch every week.
What are your favourite YouTubers at the moment?
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Saturday, 11 July 2015

My First Lush Experience

Hello Fabulous Internet!
Last Tuesday I was up in Dublin and I stumbled into Lush on Grafton Street. I had never gone to  
Lush before but I have always heard good things about their products. The different thing about Lush compared to other brands or stores is that they are against animal testing, everything is handmade and 100% vegetarian. When I walked in, the smell was so nice. Everything was laid out and there were so many testers! The workers there were so nice asking if everything was ok or if I need anything but I knew what I wanted. I am not into baths so I knew there was no point in getting a bath bomb. I had heard of two really nice face masks from an Irish YouTuber  Melanie Murphy (I could go on and on about her but that can be for another time), she swears by Mask of Magnaminty and she likes Cupcake also. I picked those two up and paid for them, the lady asked me did I want to donate €1 to charity and get a small (10g) hand and body lotion. I of course said yes as I knew I wouldn't be in Lush for a few weeks and it is a really good size for travelling. 

So I ended up picking up 3 things Mask of Magnaminty, Cupcake and New Charity Pot hand and body lotion
So far I have tried Cupcake and the New Charity Pot hand lotion. I have not tried Mask of Magnaminty yet as the best before date for Cupcake is at the end of this month. When I tried the Cupcake mask it felt so fresh and nice and after taking it off my skin felt so soft and clean. If you really like chocolate you would really enjoy this. 

It also looks like dirt! 
New Charity Pot has a really nice smell, it sinks into the skin so easily but leaves your skin feeling soft. I will definitely be getting a full pot of this whenever I go back to Lush.

Have you got any recommendations from Lush? I would really like to know, I love trying out new things and I would like to know what to add to my wishlist!

I also have a YouTube channel except it is not like my blog as I am doing covers and original songs, its called Ró's Music. I hope to be doing a cover/original song ever week. 
See you,

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

My Name Is Taylor And I Was Born In 1989

Hello Fabulous Internet!
On 30th of June, I went to see Taylor Swift in the 3 Arena Dublin for her 1989 World Tour. I have been waiting over 3 years to see T-Swizzle in concert ever since she announced her Red World Tour, I checked everyday on her website for 2 weeks seeing had she added Dublin to her European tour unfortunately she didn't, so when a date was announced in Dublin for her 1989 World Tour I knew I wanted to go. Since my internet in my house wasn't and still isn't the best, my mam decided that she would wait in line for tickets. Thankfully she got them. I was looking forward to this day since December.

I went to the concert with my friend Isabelle and my mam (Isabelle has a blog too I was so excited as I had never gone to an official concert before. When we got into the 3 arena we got the wristbands and some merch and then made our way to our seats. To pass time they had trivia questions, behind the scenes of music videos, Ask Taylor and Taylurking on the scenes which was such a cool idea. 
The wristbands
Isabelle and I 
Vance Joy was supporting Taylor, he played some of his new songs and to finish it off he sang 'Riptide'. A few minutes later after the stage was put in order for the opening, the dancers came out and then Taylor herself did. The first song was Welcome to New York. The costumes and the props were amazing! I don't know why but that evening was the most humid evening ever especially when there were over 13,000 people were in one room. At one stage Taylor mentioned about that there is no air conditioning and that we were going to get hot and sweaty together! She sang all her songs from her album 1989 and also Holy Ground, I Knew You Were Trouble and We Are Never Getting Back Together.

The wristbands in action
Taylor singing Holy Ground

This keyboard was so cool!
In between every 2 or 3 songs or whenever there was a costume change, up on the big screens were videos of Taylor's friends talking about her. It was such a cute idea.
All and all I really enjoyed this concert and I will never forget it. I was so exhausted afterwards because I spend 2 hours screaming songs and dancing but it was worth it.
Thanks for reading!
See you,

Saturday, 4 July 2015

June Favourites 2015

Hello Fabulous Internet!
I can't believe June has come and gone. I have had such a busy month with the Junior Cert (state exams) So here are a few of my favourites from this month.
Alex and Ani Bracelet 
I bought this bracelet a few weeks ago and I have worn this everyday for the past few weeks. I love the little charm on in saying 'It Is What It Is' because it makes me think of a situation more clearly and I feel like it is a great saying. With each Alex and Ani bracelet there is a meaning behind each one, for my one it is Spontaneity/ Blessing/ Destiny.
Simple Cleanser
I love this cleanser so much because it is one of those foaming cleansers and they remind me of the soap dispensers I used to have as a kid and being totally obsessed with it. It is very gentle on my skin and after using it my skin feels clean but not stripped.
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer 
I normally don't get Rimmel concealers because the lightest shade is normally too dark for me but this one suits me so well, I think it is because it is more of a brightning concealer. It doesn't cake and looks very natural. I have review HERE. I really enjoy using this and for the past month I have been using it nearly every day.
Maybelline Color Tattoo 35 On and On Bronze 
These eyeshadows are the first ones that don't crease after a half an hour of application. On and On Bronze is a shimmery bronze colour that can be used to as a wash of colour to your eyes or can be build  up for a bold look. I have written a review HERE 
American Horror Story
I have been hooked on this show since my friend Isabelle suggested I should watch it. I finished season 1 in a week and 3 days! I really enjoyed season 1. My favourite characters were Tate, Violet and Ady. American Horror Story isn't actually that scary, just a few jump scares and slightly creepy scenes. I am currently started season 2 but since I have been so busy I have only got to watch 1 episode. So far season 2 is good.
The Little Chatter Boxes 
This month a collab blog started  with Guilianna from and Pauline from We write about a different topic each week from beauty, lifestyle or fashion. Random Fact I came up with the name. I hope you would check it out!
Taylor Swift Concert 
A few days ago, I went to see Taylor Swift in concert in Dublin for her 1989 World Tour. I loved every bit of it. I will have a blogpost up about it in more detail some time next week. So stay tuned for that. 

What were your favourites this month?
See you,