Saturday, 14 March 2015

'New Years Goals' 3 Month Update

Hello Fabulous Internet,
Today I decided to do an update on how my 'New Years Goals' are doing. I had 5 goals at the start but now I have gone down to 4 because one was becoming not enjoyable.

1.The 15 Book Challenge 
I am on my 5th book. So far I have read 'The Kill Order' by James Dashner, the first 3 Percy Jackson books by Rick Riordan and I am currently reading 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett (which was in my February Favourites). I am pretty happy with the speed I am going through the books!

2.Drink 2 Liters of Water a Day 
Before I started this, I realised how little water I drink. So far I am going pretty well, I normally don't get exactly 2 liters but it would be pretty close! I have noticed since I started this that my skin has improved so much, I am getting less spots which I am happy about. 

3.Try to Exercise 2-3 Times a Week
This one I think I have done the worst in. I am not one of those people that love exercise and live and breathe doing some sport but I like being active. Most weeks I have been getting exercise twice a week but sometimes it might only be once, so I want to change that for my next update.

4.Being More Creative On My Blog 
I feel like I have been putting more effort into my blog posts and not leaving them to last minute which is what I used to do! I have planned to start doing new and different types of blog posts that I haven't done before. I also have added more pictures into posts which i a bonus.

5.Listen to a New Genre of Music Each Month 
I decided to stop doing this one because it felt like a chore and I wasn't enjoying it. I started getting bored of listening to different genres and then I started going to my own playlists of my favourites songs instead.

I hope you have a great weekend!
See you,


  1. Awesome post, Ro! I'm so glad you're pulling through on your goals. Drinking 2 liters of water a day is pretty difficult! I don't get that much, but I do drink a lot. I definitely have seen dramatic changes in my skin when I don't drink as much. Looking forward to your next post. xo

    1. Yes, drinking two liters of water a day is hard but manageable but if you start off small and build up, it is possible

  2. Just found your blog roisin I love it. I am trying to exercise 3 times a week also but am failing. I am guessing your irish by your name so am I! keep doing what your doing and you will go far in the blogging world and be very successful. going to go look at more of your posts now byexxx

    1. It can be hard trying to exercise 3 times a week but just don't give up! I am Irish. Your blog is so cute, I hope you will always stick by it, no matter what!!