Saturday, 28 March 2015

Life Update #1

Hello Fabulous,
Today I was going to do my March Favourites and then I realised that I had no new favourites from last month! So I thought I would do a life update, just to tell you what I have been doing and what I will be doing.

I had my mock exams in February, they went well because I passed everything (YAY!!) but I still have a lot of work to do :(
 I went to see 'The Merchant of Venice' in Cork with my English class, (its my studied drama). I really enjoyed it as it was different to the real version of it.
I had my Speech and Drama play which I enjoyed so much and I forgot how much I love being on stage. I am sad that it is over because I had so much fun acting and being with my grade. 
I had my interview for Transition Year (optional year between Junior and Leaving Cert) and I think it went well, I don't know will I get excepted because there are 80 people going for 55 places but fingers crossed I get in.
I am now on my Easter holidays for 2 weeks (finally!) but I know these two weeks are going to fly by between hanging out with my friends, to going to relation's houses, to studying and doing homework, I'm going to be really busy. 
After my Easter holidays, I will be met by three things, my Home Ec practical, my music practical and my birthday but my birthday is stuck in between both of them which won't be fun but i will just have to get over it! 
Its nearly 11 weeks until my exams which I am not looking forward to at all! But I will just have to grin and bare with it and as once as it is over I will be on Summer Holidays.
I hope you enjoyed my first life update, I will probably do the next one around May.
See you,

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