Saturday, 24 November 2018

Life Lately: College and No Inspiration

I thought a chatty life update has been long overdue since I kinda fell off the face of the earth when it comes to blogging, two posts in two months is very unlike me. Anyways, there's been a lot going on and I thought I would share with you how my life has been the past few months.
Let's start off with the main thing I have been talking about and that is college. I am really enjoying college. My course is interesting and so far it is very similar to Leaving Cert with regards to Chemistry and Maths. Biology is much more advanced but I don't mind as some of it is very interesting and Physics is hard but I never liked Physics in the first place. The labs are a mixed bag, some of them are enjoyable and I learn a lot from and others are not. I dissected a fish this week. Study Week starts next week which will be interesting as I've heard it's an absolute nightmare to get a seat in the library, anyways I'll figure it out.
Apart from the actual college classes, life in Cork is good. I haven't done much exploring of the city but I hope over that will change, I will do a blog post when I finally know the city better. I have made a group of great friends who put up with me. I'm involved in loads in 2 societies, Harry Potter Soc and Choral Soc. The main event for HP Soc was Yule Ball which went swimmingly, I can say that as I'm on the committee! Choral's Soc's Carols by Candlelight show is coming up soon. Rehearsals for this began in October but I have missed several due to being sick. I've been going out with my friends a few times since starting college, the nightlife here is much better than at home so I'm taking advantage of it. Also, my college's Christmas Day was on Thursday which is basically another reason to go out and day drink. This year it was unofficial by the college but everyone still celebrated it. I took it fairly easy only going out in the evening but it was lovely to get to spend the day with my friends.
I've been sick a lot the past 3 months, that's where I got the inspiration for A College Guide: Being Sick, it's pretty crappy having tonsillitis three times and my throat still hasn't recovered so I am going to an ENT specialist to see if I will be getting an operation. It sucks but really the pain I've been in hasn't been pleasant so it might be in my best interests to say goodbye to my tonsils.
Blogging has really taken a back seat the past few months and there are several reasons why. I am finding it very hard to find inspiration for a blog post and also to finish it. There are so many half written posts that I started and ended up leaving as I didn't like it or had no motivation to finish. I have felt like this for a while now, maybe the past 6 months which I hate as I love writing and creating. Another reason is that I'm absolutely exhausted by the weekend and end up relaxing for the weekend and do no blog work. I'm trying to push myself to do a little during the week, I love chilling in the AT lab in the library blogging. I hope to get back to writing posts regularly. Since I have a month off for Christmas I hope to get a good kick start to blogging for 2019.
That's all that that's been going on!

Thanks for being awesome,

Saturday, 17 November 2018

A Magical Ball: Yule 2018

Long time no see! I am still trying to balance college and blogging at the moment, I didn't think it would be such an adjustment but I am going to try to find time for this again and I will eventually. Anyways, last Thursday was my first college ball and no better ball to start with than Yule. I am the first-year rep on the Harry Potter Society so I have been helping with this event, I can't really say I helped organise it but I did spend countless hours cutting out things and making decorations so that counts.
After spending time setting up, getting ready in a rush and throwing the heels on, it was time to go to the prosecco reception which I was late for and was very lucky to get one glass but hey I didn't really mind, I was chilling with the committee and what more would you want after that.
We were directed to the ballroom for dinner and after the orders were taken, the traditional 'Meet the Committee' presentation was done which is a glorified way of saying that the chairperson and vice slag every member of the committee. It was hilarious to watch and my face was sore afterwards with all the laughing, a good sign.

Dinner came along and it was fabulous Vegetable Soup, Lemon and Thyme Roasted Chicken Supreme and Profiteroles to finish off, what more would you want. I was really surprised at how lovely everything was.
The rest of the night was an absolute blur between the amazing band and the DJ. I danced the night away with people that I can say are now my friends. I really believe that the ball brought me closer with everyone on the committee from the endless hours of arts and crafts to group chat chats.
For my outfit, I wore my debs dress and used all the accessories that I had to go with it. I thought there was no point in buying another dress as I had a perfectly good one already and also, I didn't want to fork out more money for it. I did my hair myself, a simple hair curler does wonders, and my lovely friend did my makeup, thanks Niamh.

For my first ball, it sure was a good one.

Are you going to any college balls soon?

Saturday, 20 October 2018

A College Guide: Being Sick

I'm back! I decided to disappear for the month as I was feeling very uninspired as of late and nothing I created I liked so I decided I needed to remove myself from my blog and Instagram for a while to find my mojo once again. I hope to be around regularly again but we will see what happens.

Since starting college, less than 2 months ago, I have had tonsilitis three times, a chesty cough and the lot. I've learned that being sick at college is completely different from being sick at home, you don't have anyone pitying you and also, you have to pay for the medicine. I thought I would share with you some of my tips for making being sick at college less suckish.

Get Help

Obviously, the first thing you should do, if you are really sick you should do, is to go to a doctor or a pharmacist. I presume all colleges have a student health centre that gives students access to medical help without costing an arm and a leg. If your college doesn't have a health centre then you may have to go to a private doctor but really when you are very ill all you want is to feel better. Make sure to get a medical cert if you know you won't be able to attend college.

Gather Supplies

This can be medicine, painkillers or anything else to make you feel better. When I have tonsilitis, I always go for vanilla ice cream and Orange & Pineapple MiWadi. They both just make me feel better. Get your supplies and head to your room. Tissues and heating pads are other good options.

Rest Up & Relax

Sleep is so important when you are sick but unfortunately, I don't sleep more when I'm sick. If you can't sleep just rest in your bed for the day or days you're feeling under the weather. Catch up on YouTube or watch some Netflix to help pass the time. I would recommend To All The Boys I Loved Before and anything from Shane Dawson's YouTube channel. You could also do some reading or anything else that can be confined to a bed or couch. Get nice and cosy, get extra blankets and pillows to make yourself as comfy as possible.

Let Someone Know

I think this is so important as someone will check up on you regularly and it's nice when you are feeling a little lonely. For me, when I texted my Mam about my tonsilitis, I got a list of things to buy and what to do. It was nice to get daily texts and phone calls from a loved one being concerned about you. Also, tell your friends especially if they are in the same course or shares classes with you as they might send you copies of their notes or keep you up to date on what's going on in college.

Contemplate On How You Took Your Health For Granted

Another important part is contemplating about how you took your health for granted and how you will never do that again. You used to be able to eat food without pain or get up without feeling crappy or being able to breathe through both noses. Of course, once as you have recovered from your illness has waved you goodbye, you go back to life and completely forget about how you felt when you weren't well.

It sucks being sick but it happens to everyone.

I hope this is helpful for the next time you aren't feeling the best.

Thanks for being awesome,